Raleigh Police Officer Flips Out After Someone Wrote “F=ck the Police” on His Car

I came across this video via Reddit and my goodness, the butt hurt is real with this guy. It seems the Raleigh Police Sergeant (whose name I couldn’t quite understand) was very upset that someone wrote “Fuck the Police” on his police cruiser (in snow, with their finger).

According to the description on LiveLeak:

“I was harassed by the police today. Vandalism is the destruction or damage to private property. I did not vandalize anything and I was not the person that wrote fuck the police on his car. Police think they are above the law but they are wrong. I will not stand for police harassment and police brutality. I will riot if I have too, to make my voice heard. Police think they have the authority to kill a minority (quoted from N.W.A song Fuck the police). Without a badge the police are just another citizen. They think they can do whatever they want because they have a badge and a gun but they can’t I will not stand for this.”

The officer in this video is a textbook example of what most police officers believe. Not only does Sgt. Butthurt feel that government property is his, when it is in fact the public’s and he doesn’t bare the financial responsibility of it, but he also says, “I’m allowed to threaten people I’m police!” Really? That’s what police are doing these days? Threatening people?

I guess I should be happy that a cop finally said it, finally owned that their actions are nothing more than threats of force. Even when not in uniform.

It gets even better when Sgt. Butthurt goes into his rant about how the kids brought this on themselves and that he doesn’t come to their neighborhood and do this stuff to them. Clearly Mr. Butthurt must not fully understand what his job is. He does in fact go to their neighborhood and cause more damage than writing “fuck the police” on freshly piled snow on top of a car. Sgt. Butthurt will roll up into your neighborhood and extort people, cage them and steal their property because “he’s police.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could treat police like this? Tell them to never come back into your neighborhood and never to come back! Man, that would be great.

So what do you think? Was this officer a little over the top? How about the hypocrisy? Amazing isn’t it?

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Ademo Freeman

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