Iowa City Man Who Threw Tomatoes At Donald Trump Arrested

On Tuesday January 26th while campaigning in Iowa City, Iowa, presidential candidate Donald Trump became the target of rogue produce, hurled by a guy the local and national liberal-leaning press is calling a hero. Fortunately the tomatoes that were tossed did not reach their target. Yet the man who threw them was nonetheless arrested on charges of disorderly conduct.

Disorderly conduct is a bullshit charge. It is a generic term for a wide variety of behaviors whose legality is determined solely by the arresting officer(s). It is not a law for keeping people safe, it is a catch-all for cops to punish people whose jib they do not particularly like the cut of. Disorderly conduct is the last legal resort of tyrants who wish to abuse their power to appease their own aesthetics and agendas.

Since the flying fruit did not actually hit anybody, there was no victim. Arresting people for victimless ‘crimes’ is pretty much the entire purpose of the Iowa City Police Department, an organization whose staple activities are policing fun and leeching money out of the students (and their families) who came to college here to have it. It is a policing-for-profit racket with a built-in renewable income stream. So it is of little wonder that the police would charge a guy who sent food airborne in an incident for which nobody was harmed.

This little pirate paradise is also an incredibly ‘liberal progressive’ town. And by that I mean that it is chock full of ironic fear, hatred and prejudice for conservatives that causes people to act with the same impassioned bigotry that they accuse their political opponents of. It has an incredibly high rate of inequal arrests and prosecution for victimless crimes depending on race. It also has a poor track record for solving actual violent crimes with horrifying numbers of rape cases going unsolved each year. Yet despite the fact that its local government agencies operate exactly the way the most corrupt and questionable cities nationwide do, it still has the nerve to consider itself a village of progressive ideals.

It is also a place full of knee-jerk, reactionary political ideologies. It is a constant competition in Iowa City to be more progressive than thou. And in peoples quest to outdo one another’s progressiveness, the scope of what is allowably and acceptably hate-able is continuously expanding. This place is so open minded that it knows why and how to hate all the right people. Even the anarchists here are statist-liberals who put on their anarchy mask only when it is time to oppose statist-conservatives. But toss a Bernie Sanders in and these anarchists are loyal bumper-sticker waving voters. And since I actually know the guy who threw the tomato, I can attest that he is exactly one of these people.

Andrew Joseph Alemao is a total douchebag and hypocrite. I met him several years back through a mutual friend and at first he seemed like a very cool guy. But as I got to know him further and watched his ideologies unfold on social media, I realized that he was one of these carbon copy liberals who only pays lip service to ideas about human liberty when it is convenient. Otherwise he could be found spewing forth hypocritical hatred and professing a desire to see bad things happen to other human beings via the authoritarians that he allegedly despised. I eventually unfriended him online and avoid him in real life because he is such a smug and insufferable jackass.

And his attempt to throw the tomato, while only illegal in a questionable technical sense, was in the individual and moral sense an attempt to commit an act of aggressive violence against another human being. Which is exactly the kind of behavior he would blame Trump for inciting, and was probably his motivation for the act. So while I do not think an arrest was warranted, I do think that it makes him a hypocritical shithead who has displayed his own disregard for the values he expects in others. And besides that- throwing tomatoes? What a cliche. What a terrible and mindlessly obvious thing to do. But that is to be expected in a place like Iowa City where people like Andrew believe that being different just like everybody else here makes them superior to people they ironically despise for political reasons. Groupthink with a halo and cliches are just a normal part of Iowa City life and a constant part of the rhetoric, ideas and actions of people like Andrew, of which there is also no shortage. And I doubt he or his fairweather ‘anarchist’ cronies will be hurling garden items at Bernie Sanders when he visits here Saturday even though, unlike Trump, he already has a proven track record for voting in favor of policies that have strengthened the police state, expanded imperialist warfarism and shielded government and its partners from accountability.

Aggressive violence is not a virtue. Disorderly conduct is not a crime. Andrew is a dumbass, not a hero.

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