Unlawful Police Harassment And Detainment

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The author wished to remain anonymous, however, he is a truck driver & had been driving for some time before starting to feel drowsy in Greenville, TX. According to the department of transportation, any truck driver who feels unsafe to drive is required to pull over for a couple hours of rest.

This is about our rights as Americans to fulfill our job duties and to get the rest we need, which we are lawfully entitled to, without being disturbed, woken up, harassed or threatened with false arrest by law enforcement officers. It is about the right of Americans to be left alone in peace as they fulfill their pursuit of happiness.

Last night (1/26/2016) at 2 am I was woken up by police while on a rest break. Before I get to that I just want to say I pulled into the back of a Walmart parking lot out of sight out of mind. Or so I thought. I wasn’t blocking anything or anyone and was alone. I parked here because I was extremely tired and DOT says if driving tired or fatigued find the nearest safe haven or parking lot to rest. That was the first safe spot I saw.

It should be noted here that most Walmart stores allow drivers to rest in their parking lots without issue, so long as the vehicle is not parked near the entrance & they haven’t set up a campsite. Apparently, the local PD never got this memo.

So I’m asleep and [the cop] bangs on my door telling me I need to leave or be arrested for trespassing. I proceeded to tell him that I’m very tired and unsafe to drive. He didn’t care he said If I don’t leave I’m going to jail. I told him that I cannot go to jail for that it is against the law for a company or persons to force me to operate a commercial vehicle when unsafe to do so. The officer proceeded to rip my drivers door open and assault me by grabbing my arm and try to pull me out the vehicle.

I requested a supervisor multiple times. He requested back up and told me no. I said it is my right to request a supervisor and he said we are past that point. At this time I’m trying to figure out why this officer is so violent when I have done nothing illegal? I asked him to remove his grip from my arm he said he didn’t feel his safety was adequate with me in the truck that I could grab a weapon. I said would you feel safer if I stepped out of the truck. He said yes and I did. Two more police officers showed up and I asked for a supervisor again at which point I was told if I didn’t leave I would be tasered and arrested.

Now multiple times I told them that I was unsafe to drive. They were breaking the law by waking me up, threatening to take me to jail, requesting ID, and forcing me into hours of service violation. What course of action could I do? I was in fear for my life. Three police officers against me? I’m a law abiding citizen no criminal past being treated like a criminal. Why? Because they think they are above the law. He forcefully entered my truck with no probable cause. Assaulted me. Threatened me. For no reason. I would be leaving in a few hours before anyone would even be there to shop and was in the back? I have videoed it as well and not sure what to do with it. They were out of control.

Recording his interaction and sending the information to us was the right thing to do. Making the public aware of police misconduct is the only way to help hold police accountable.

If this story/video has upset you, you can contact the Greenville Police Department at (903) 457-2900, or call Chief Daniel Busken directly at (903) 457-2913.

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