CopBlock Radio Episode 103 “Meet The Blockers”


This week on CopBlock Radio was huge! Welcome back to the airwaves of For our welcome back show we planned a packed show meant to allow you all to get to know some of the people that make up the Copblock Network. We opened with a story about the militia in Oregon.

“A car carrying Ammon Bundy and several others was stopped by Oregon State Police and FBI members. The initial reports state that two men were shot and one has died as a result of the gunshot. According to KATU 2:”                        read more here

Next Derrick J Joined us. He filled us in on his life over seas and some of his goals for the coming months. He also filled us in on a story he has been following about a cop that ran over a grandfather.

We jumped into the next guest for the following two segments as soon as Derrick hung up. Ademo Freeman, co-founder of, joined the show to fill us in on the M.A.C. tour and to discuss the militia in Oregon .

For the second half of the show we started with James Butler calling in to discuss an insane video. The star of the video was a friend of James’. The details of the case have been made quiet by all of the lawyers, but the video speaks for itself.
Watch the video here

Our final guest for the evening was Josh Hotchkins. He runs the Iowa City Facebook page, as well as writing for a number of sources. Josh gave us his insights into police, accountability, and the human mind. He stayed on through the last few stories of the night.

Allentown Singing Man Forced to Take Plea Deal

The FBI runs a major child porn site

Two Officers Caught Stealing From Walmart

It’s great to be back on the air!! Be sure to send you police accountability stories to and always Film The Police!! See You Next Week!!



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