Hackers Leak Top Police Union’s Private Data Online

America’s Top Police Union has Documents Hacked from Grand Lodge

A Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) data dump has made its way online and is available for download courtesy of fop.thecthulhu.com.

It’s unclear who breached and delivered the information to Cthulhu, who assures that the source is “credible.”

“The following files were submitted to me through a confidential source, and have asked me to distribute it in the public interest. I cannot guarantee the authenticity of all parts of the document, but I have been assured the source is credible,” posted technology and privacy activist Cthulhu.

The information dump acquired from a Grand Lodge computer weighs in at 1.2 gigabytes of data and contains encrypted computer files, hundreds of word documents, thousands of pages of material and computer back up files known as images.

Thirty out of the 577 documents I have opened so far have various groups exchanging details including FOP, government officials, chauffeurs, teamsters and helpers. Many of the records include collective bargaining agreements, communications, revisions, benefit details and voting details.

This data may include sensitive conversations and insight on negotiations.

The FOP’s national president, Chuck Canterbury, responded to the leaks Thursday night:

“We have contacted the office of the assistant attorney general in charge of cyber crime, and officials from FBI field offices have already made contact with our staff.”

The FOP website has remained offline all Thursday evening according to the UK Gaurdian. The organization represents roughly 300,000 law enforcement officers across America .

To download follow the directions below or visit fop.thecthulhu.com for latest link.

Encrypted Fields
There are some encrypted fields in the databases using pg_crypto. The key for it is “Nipper47”. Download

SHA1: 4678 8911 72D6 161B CE20 953F AFEF F04A 1AF9 CC84
SHA256: FF44 DC12 174C 6288 95A0 2974 281C DFAA 4C97 3856 FE96 09A3 531A 29EE B034 6A09

Torrent: Download the FOP.zip Torrent [Recommended]
Magnet: Download the FOP.zip
HTTPS Download Temporarily Disabled. Please use the torrent or magnets to download.

Tip: The magnet/torrent download is usually quicker, but it is not anonymous.
If you want to download anonymously, use the Tor Browser and download using HTTPS.

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