The Police Consider Accountability Laughable, Because It Is (For Them)

This post and the video above were shared with the CopBlock Network by “Carrollton Speed Tax,” via the Submissions page. It discusses the mythical system of accountability for police, in which citizens are encouraged to file complaints with the police departments at which those cops work.

Those complaints are subsequently “investigated” by the cops’ buddies and then everyone has a jolly laugh at how cute your naivety is and a knee slapping good time is had by all. Oftentimes, a contest to see who can fit the most donuts in their mouth at one time accompanies the ritualistic bonfires that follow.

Officers Involved: Officer Robb – Badge #882, Commander Derick Miller – Badge #725
Department Involved: Carrollton (Texas) Police Department
Phone Number: (972) 466-3290

While going about our usual CopBlock activities, we encountered Officer Robb, who clearly thinks police accountability is laughable. So much so, he even suggests options to file a complaint. One can only assume that he makes these suggestions knowing it will get the same form letter response from Internal Affairs other complaints have gotten, if we get anything at all.

It really made us think of all our past encounters and how we, as citizens, really have no resource to protect us unless:

A) The offense is so egregious that it can’t be ignored & attorneys line up to take the case pro bono
B) Be have unlimited resources for attorneys.

In Carrollton, we have submitted multiple complaints, but have only received responses for two of them. One was a clear policy infraction we showed on film. The other involved multiple rights violations and was also on film. The response was the exact same form letter from Internal Affairs. The mayor and city attorney said to get an attorney. Where do we go if the police department AND city hall doesn’t care if their PD does whatever they want?

Why is accountability so amusing to the police? Americans are filmed at their jobs every single minute of every single day without the kind of contempt we see from cops every day. It’s such a novelty to them that they still show contempt, and even continue to commit crimes in the face of a camera. It seems that they just don’t care because they know they rarely have anything to worry about. Until more people with cameras educate more people about what’s really going on out there, it’s just what we’ll have to deal with.

Kelly W. Patterson

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