Police Shooting of Suspect Caught On Cell Phone Video (Warning Graphic)

Brandy Haze recorded the video above while riding around Salt Lake City with her friend. There are still many questions but right now we know that Salt Lake Police attempted to do a pedestrian stop on an unidentified suspect a little before 4 pm. That lead to a foot chase and ultimately another shooting at the hands of the police. According to Fox 13:

The chase ended in the area of 1376 Major Street, and after the chase ended, shots were fired. An adult male was struck by gunfire and was transported to a hospital in critical condition. No officers were injured.

It was not clear what prompted police to stop the man in the first place, and it was not clear what caused the incident to escalate to gunfire. Heiden said few details are currently available but the incident is under investigation.

Brandy HazeWhile the media waits for the police to give the official story, I reached out to Brandy Haze myself. She declined to comment any further but did give me permission to use the video. She also noted in the comment section of her video post that the man “had a gun to his head and wouldn’t drop the gun so they shot him.”


Later commenting that, “I think they just shot him so he’d drop the gun. I don’t really get how it’s ok for them to shoot him but he can’t shoot himself.”

That’s a good question. Of course we need more information to answer it and Brandy Haze2with Brandy’s video that’s probably more likely. First question that has to be answered is why did the police conduct a ‘pedestrian stop’ on this person? Was he wanted? Was he under surveillance? Or was this a new program where cops randomly stop people for no reason?

Another question, that comes up time and time again, is why the police are so quick to shoot. I understand this man had a gun and to many CopSuckers out there that’s all you need to justify killing someone but some of us would like to see less people die. With a gun pointed to the man’s own head he probably wasn’t as much of a danger as countless bullets flying around a neighborhood. Yet, not a single police officer thought about disengaging, setting up a perimeter or talking the man down. It was comply or die time.

And fine, go ahead CopSuckers, tell me how I’m just twisting this around to fit my narrative. Maybe the man was about to point the gun at police, let’s just say that’s the case. The CopSucker is still going to have to explain the cop that come in all John Wayne at the end of the video and randomly sticks a gun in a man’s face that had nothing to do with anything. What can the boot lickers say about that?

There’s absolutely no excuse for that other than what Brandy said in her FB post, “they even freaked out on the random guy walking down the street… that’s why we took off.” See the police officer who sped onto the scene afterwards was already playing the, “protect the thin blue line” card. By pulling his gun and barking orders he was maintaining that any witnesses should know who they’re dealing with.

Banner - Tunnel1Maybe that’s just protocol or maybe I’m right, either way, I can’t blame Brandy for not wanting to talk anymore but I can’t thank her enough for filming either. Let’s put some pressure on the Salt Lake Police department to get some answers. Why was this man the target of a pedestrian stop is at the top of that list, IMO. Help us by contacting them via the information below.

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Salt Lake City Police Information:  
SLCPD Facebook Page
SLCPD Twitter
SLCPD Website
Phone: (801) 799-3100

Fox 13 NEWS VIDEO (if no video below, click here):

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