What Is Wrong With This Picture?

When Severin Freeman, CopBlock.org contributor, radio host and founding member of Lehigh Valley CopBlock, sent me the photo above I about clawed my eyes out just to be sure that I never saw anything like it again. I suddenly began to believe in hell, if only in hopes that if it existed, we could put this picture there so that nobody would ever be tempted to view it again. But when I realized that hell would necessitate at least one permanent attendant who would have to see the picture for an eternity, I thought it too cruel to continue my hopeful delusion.

So after about forty minutes of projectile vomiting out of my eyes I decided that I needed to make a Public Service Announcement about it in the hope that I could prevent other families from inflicting similar photographic atrocities on one another and the world at large. Please forgive the cruelty I have unleashed by sharing this abominable image. Try to think of it as the needle-pain of inoculation against future pictorial plagues.

I am going to pretend that you, my audience, are an alien species who does not understand the subtleties of human psychology or behavior and explain the problems with this photograph thusly.

  • Muh Flag! Yeah, I could really care less about that flag or what it supposedly stands for. But the people who had this photo taken and their intended audience do have specific ideas about Murrica, patriotism and Muh Flag. So then…
  • Wait…baby and a gun. I should have started with baby and a gun. Please keep babies safely away from your guns. And if you are too stupid to follow that simple rule, try to avoid photographic evidence of what a terrible human being you are. Most pictures are worth a thousand words. But baby with a gun picture is only worth the following sentence- “I cannot believe I was allowed to breed, let alone find a partner willing to further pass down the genetic heresy festering in my groin.”
  • Alright, so back to Muh Flag. The same people who believe that the flag is a sacred symbol that must be folded in a specific way and never touch the ground, and certainly never be mocked or desecrated, are the same ones here altering the flag to incorporate police iconography. Not only is this, according to their beliefs, a mocking desecration of a sacred symbol; it is a glaring reminder of the LEO-Religion’s attempt to themselves become sacred beings through iconography. Finally, if I were to commission a design for a new flag which represented America as a police state, this would win. And the irony of that is unlikely to stay afloat in the dark, murky waters of the who pledge their allegiance and pray before that atrocious and self-righteous blas-flag-my.
  • Get used to licking that boot, baby.
  • That this is propaganda could not be more obvious. By using a baby and a flag in connection with police gear, the viewer is supposed to draw the conclusion that all of these are holy things. It hypocritically suggests that the people most likely to abuse their families and national values are somehow the protectors of these things. It is an attempt to appeal to virtues by propping things with no virtues up against things most people find virtuous. It is a juxtapositional falsehood based on wonky thinking and juvenile aesthetics.
  • The child in this photo will likely identify themselves for the rest of their life based on the picture. They will either rebel against their authoritarian parents attempt to brainwash them into their gangs belief system and become more likely to take part in private criminal enterprises, or more likely, will become a police officer themselves in order to please their parents. It is a psychological method of removing a child’s choice by forcing an identity on them from birth. That anyone would love their gang more than their own child, so much that they robbed it of its freedom to choose what it will become and believe, is some pretty creepy stuff.
  • This is not safe. That baby has a gun and is refusing to put its hands where other officers can clearly see them. And everyone knows that it is okay for cops to kill a person under these circumstances, and that they do all of the time. If an LEO were to stumble along this photo shoot, that baby wouldn’t stand a chance.
  • I am pretty sure that when you have a mostly naked child in a photo with bondage items that it is considered child porn. Especially to all of those cops who are always getting busted for pedophilia and child porn, you and I might not find this sexy in any way, but I bet they could pump it to this pic.

I have only one more thing to say. This is for the baby in the photograph. I am sorry this happened to you. I am sorry that your parents agenda became the driving force behind the formation of your personality and that you had this basic human freedom of choosing your identity taken away from you from birth. I am sorry for the abuse you will likely suffer from the opportunistic and violence-adoring maniacs that are your parents. And I am sorry for sharing this tragedy with all of my readers. I meant you no harm, but just to prevent this kind of abuse from happening to other children. May you find joy and peace in life and have the strength to overcome the obstacles you were given in the form of parents. Eris bless.


Alia Atreides

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