You Don’t Have to be American to Understand Police Brutality

While protesters took to Mall of America effectively “ruining” the day for people who buy things they don’t need and creating their own debt hell, a similar event in the United Kingdom has also “ruined” the day of some English shoppers. Last December, over 600 protesters laid on the floor in a West Field Shopping Mall chanting, “no justice, no peace.”

When people start to complain about protestors interfering with people’s day, I always think of the moms. The mothers of the people who are getting shot to death on our streets. Whether it’s justified or not, to NOT think of the moms first, you have NO empathy. Even if someone did “lunge” at the officer, any mother would still be upset. And to complain that people are interfering with your day? That’s like saying you don’t give a shit about the real victims, their families. STOP blaming the parents. Sometimes, great kids with the best parents make their own dumb decisions. I got in an argument about this with someone yesterday when they told me a woman got her car towed because the protestors were blocking roads, I said, “at least she got home alive.”

Seventy-six (76) brave souls were arrested during the peaceful protest while hundreds of others laid flat on their backs in the shopping mall. You can look at this two ways. One, you can see it as a bunch of lazy morons who don’t have a better way of dealing with police accountability. Or two, you can see the desperation of these souls willing to do the anything to be heard. Which perspective do you have?

Nobody is saying we don’t have freedoms in America, but it’s common knowledge that avoiding police helps you keep your freedoms. Ninety-nine (99) people were killed by police in September, of 2015, ninety-five (95) people in October, seventy-eight (78) people in November and another one-hundred (100) people in December according It’s nice to see other countries letting their voices be heard about this injustice.

While the controversy continues over what’s worse, protesting or the actual injustice that’s happening, millions more are waking up. Most officers go their entire careers without firing their weapons at an offender, but the ones that are killing unarmed people appear to have a history of abuse. The United Kingdom, a nation without guns, has their people standing up for the brutality that has become all too common since cameras have been running. One could only imagine how much worse it was before cameras were turned on…


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