Female Mascot Arrested For Being Improperly Dressed Was Really A Man

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (TFC) – Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice was in for a surprise when they arrested a female mascot attending the opening of a candy store. The mascot was dressed in the vague fashion of Disney’s Jasmine. Although the person inside the costume was covered from head to toe by the disguise and even had a male escort, Saudi Arabia’s morality police noted she was not properly attired. What’s more interesting is that once the cops detained the individual, they found a male inside the costume.

A translation of the police report said:

“On this day, we received a number of reports about two dolls, one a man and the other a woman, which were making unacceptable gestures in front of Sanabil Al Salam shop and their presence attracted a huge crowd on the King Abdulla road. We went to the said location and witnessed the two dolls doing what the complaints said. We found a man in the female mascot and after contacting the superintendent of the Kharj area, we spoke to the man (in the doll) and made him and his supervisor write a statement that they will not repeat this again and we reminded them about Allah and that what they did was pretending to be women and that is against sharia (Islamic law). They expressed remorse and asked them to accompany us to the station, to complete the formalities.”

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

It’s unclear what penalties the men might face. Saudi Arabia, a US-backed regime, is one of the most brutal dictatorships in the region. TFC’s Man of the Year, Raif Badawi,  is being slowly beaten to death for the “crime” of running a blog preaching peace and tolerance. The royal family promotes Wahhabism, an extreme corruption of Islam that has been tied to almost every transnational terrorist organization claiming roots in Islam. The US continually backs the regime with weapons and diplomatic support when the actions of the royal family cause a scandal. This was the case when the King imprisoned his own daughters for more than a decade. The sisters dared suggest women should have rights. The West remained silent. Due to the lack of information coming out of the Kingdom, many analysts believe the daughters were executed when the new King took power.

If the penalty for these men is mild, it’s just another random violation in a long string of violations. However, it should make all Americans wonder why we continue to support a brutal regime while they back terrorist organizations that rape, maim, and murder.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

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**Originally published at thefifthcolumnnews.com by Hanna Klein

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