CBR EP 105 “DEO VS The State”

February 10, 2016

This week on Copblock Radio we had to throw the schedule and show notes away because a breaking story was happening as we were on air. Throughout the entire show we provided updates to the standoff happening in Oregon. The remaining members of the militia there were surrounded by Federal agents and it was broadcast live, via a phone call with Gavin Seim. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Gavin for his quick thinking. His facilitating of a live call broadcast to the entire country, quite possibly directly led to these men surviving the situation. The FBI were forced to let the situation end peacefully due to a HUGE public outcry.

We talked some about our top story this week which was with our very own co-host, DEO. Deo has been waiting for his day in court for quite some time. In fact its been nearly two years since he was maliciously arrested for filming police and holding a sign in a protest. Deo was in high spirits and looking forward to the jury’s decision. Despite the obvious bias from the very beginning, DEO seemed confident that justice would be served. It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you that the morning after our show DEO was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to nearly a year in jail. Full details are in the story, but needless to say he got shafted. DEO, we love you brother! We will keep your seat warm for your return! Check out the story for contact information for DEO.

We then briefly discussed a few stories that depict the changing times we are in. The first was about a protester that was so fed up with the state of injustice in our country, that he decided to express that feeling by killing himself on the steps of the Ohio statehouse. The second story was out of Gloucester,  Massachusetts and involved a program nicknamed “The Angel Program“. The program stops treating addicts like criminals by sending them to rehab instead of jail. While my own opinions on this program are not very positive (I don’t feel the state should decide how you should live or force you to go anywhere), the program seems to be doing quite well. I suppose if the end result is less people in cages, then we are headed in the right direction.

We were really excited to bring in our first guest for the night, Janel. Janel is a Copblock rock star. She has been involved since 2012 and has done so many things for the Copblock name, I cannot name them all here. Currently she runs the “Women Of Copblock”, and Kansas City Copblock Facebook pages, as well as helps with a number of others.

Our next guest was Isiah Holmes. Isiah is the newest blogger on the Copblock.org team. He is also the youngest, at only 19 years old! He’s no newbie though. Isiah has been confronting police brutality since he was in high school. In fact at the age of 17, he even produced his very own full length documentary about the corruption in his own town’s police force.

The final segment of the show was the much anticipated interview with celebrity police brutality victim, Gilbert Godfree. Mr. Godfree was accosted by police and forced to submit to a rectal search. On this note, we really had lots of fun on this skit. We would love to hear your opinions or suggestions on future skits.

The technical updates for the show are that our phones are still not up. You can contact the show via the live chat on YouTube or the best way is to message the Copblock Radio Facebook . Follow along with our stories live at the Facebook page as well.

Tune in next Wednesday @ 10pm Eastern LIVE on LRN.FM. Derrick J will be back!! It’s a bittersweet return. As much as I have missed Derrick, his return was triggered by losing DEO. We will definitely push forward and keep providing you with a great show. The easiest way to listen is on the APP. There is even a LRN.FM radio station on the TUNE IN radio APP. Or as always you can watch or listen after the show airs right here on Copblock.org.



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