Police are just doing their jobs…parenting your kids with boots, fists, and tasers

Increasingly, the news reports incidents of severe abuse of youth by adults. For instance, a 9-year-old was tasered for refusing to take a bath a few years ago. About 2 and a half years ago, several middle school students were forcibly restrained and  locked in cold, dark rooms for throwing food. Another 14-year-old epileptic girl was tasered in the head for running away and refusing to stop when told to do so. Another 15-year-old girl was grabbed and had her head shoved into the wall for drinking and disobeying teachers. A 19-year-old was beaten for loitering around a library.

My god! Such barbarism! How could parents even think of treating their children in such a manner? They ought to be punished! Beaten! Jailed! Take their kids away! Oh wait, no that was the police. Just doing their jobs. Totally ok. Police are free to “parent” other people’s children however the fuck they want to – with fists, boots, tasers, walls, and dangerous weapons of their choice.

On the other hand, the actual parents face draconian punishments and even total destruction of their families for the most minor of transgressions – some of which can hardly even be considered transgressions at all.

Elizabeth Mort had her child taken away 3 days after she had given birth beacuse she tested positive for drugs after eating a poppy seed bagel. Another woman had her child taken away partially because she refused to preauthorize consent to a c-section during labor. Such refusal was considered “child neglect,” until the courts overturned the assessment by the state child protective services agency.

The Henderson family was torn apart by police invasion, arrests, and seizure of their children because police suspected that Mr. Henderson may have slapped one of his children. William Reddie was actually shot and killed because CPS was going to forcibly seize his child over his marijuana use. Because obviously, smoking pot is so detrimental to a child that it’s better that his dad be shot right in front of his eyes. Witnessing the murder of his father was clearly much more in line with the child’s interests.

More recently, a father was charged with 2 counts of child endangerment after he left his two children, a 6-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy at a park for 2 hours. Is it just me, or has this society gone totally fucking nuts? When I was 7 my friends and I were free to roam the neighborhood  on our bikes, in parks, in construction sites, in parking lots. I could stay out as long as wanted if I had finished school work, didn’t do anything stupid, and was home by dinner time – and I had “strict” parents. Even if we want to dispense with the absurdity of charging a father with crimes for letting his kids play unattended at a park (really? So the state is protecting the kids by putting their father in jail? Sure, that makes sense) – maybe we could address the fact that treating children like infants for the rest of their lives most certainly guarantees they will grow up to be useless and dependent.

But perhaps that’s the point.

Children who are taught that someone else must always tell them what to do, where to go, and how to live their lives will likely grow up to be useless and dependent – and these are the types of people who prefer a large system of authorities and police who “fix” their problems and run their lives, over independence and personal responsibility. Indeed, parents who grant too much independence or freedom to their children, or who dare assert that they, rather than the state, know how to raise their kids best, are a danger to the police state.

By asserting vicious authority over parents and hindering parents from raising their kids as they see fit, police are in fact helping to breed the next generation of mindless drones who will gladly fork over their paychecks for greater police state powers. I.e., the police are only taking logical measures to ensure job security for themselves.

Just doin’ their jobs. Can’t blame ’em.


Georgia Sand

Georgia (George) Sand is an attorney located in sunny California. She enjoys beer, jogging, the beach, music, and chatting with her cats in her spare time.

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  • Jim

    In the Land of the Free, all children ultimately belong to the State.

  • Common Sense

    The police aren’t ‘hindering’ parents, parents no longer parent, thus leaving the child rearing to others. In the past, children knew respect, manners, public civility. Today, that is not always the case. Child ‘flash mobs’ cause fights, steal and vandalize on the low end and on the high end, children sell drugs, committ robberies and murders. Sorry, that’s not the fault of the police.

    That’s the fault of their parent(s). Their parent(s) made choices and society must deal with them. Of course, some parents to try, and succeed in raising productive children. Others however, do not. Without a strong family unit, children have chosen to do as they wish, leaving others to manage them.

    Question, how do you manage ‘special needs’ children at school? How abou one who’s just not ‘having a good day?” How do you control those ‘pesky’ young teens at school who decide to tell you to fuck off? A charming 13 year old girl simply decides to say ‘fuck it’ – tell me, how do you handle that situation? Call the parent(s)? Sorry, they can’t come. Call CPS? Call a juvenile detention center? Get in line. Now mind you charming Jennifer has decided to take a liking to flipping desks to the classes amusement. So you do what everyone else does, call 911 and let the police handle it? Do you get more teachers involved and grapple with her with an emergency blanket? Sorry, teachers have policies that say they cannot touch a student. Perhaps try and use reverse psychology, perhaps talk in her native tongue to get her to cooperate?

  • paul

    I had an ex sister in law that would not punish her kids for anything due to the fact that in the schools the kids are taught that if your parents raise there voices or there hands towards you to report them and then once you are on cps’s radar it takes years to get off , todays youth’s and when I say that I mean 16 – 30 were tought that mommy and daddy will take care of you no mater what point being I have a 28 year old nephew him and his wife both have full time jobs but because they are in collage mom and dad foot there rent , car payment, and all there utilitys or so I have been led to belive .

  • Carlos

    Zero tolerance policies at schools were put into place so lazy administrators wouldn’t have to actually use their judgement when it came to disciplining students, so if you ask me, why even have administrators on the payroll ?

    I also wonder how come principals and teachers have to resort everytime on the police to handle a 6-years old with a tantrum in the classroom ?

    How many times have I seen [or read] about cops HANDCUFFING 5 and 6-years old [risking a psychological trauma at that early age], teasing 11 and 12-years old, or even beating and/or punching 13 and 14 years-old kids ?

    Why resort on Cops when cops primarily work is not to deal with kids? Isn’t that teachers’ and principals’ jobs ? Do Cops have a degree on special education and/or child psychology ?

    How many children with special needs [autism, cerebral palsy, handicapped, etc.] have been put through this suffering [handcuffing, teasering, pepper spraying, beatings, etc.] just because some LAZY teachers and/or principals don’t use proper judgement to defuse simple situations ?

    Are those kids that have been handcuffed, tasered, etc. at school going to feel some love or sympathy for the police when they grow up as adults ?
    I certainly doubt it…


  • Common Sense

    Again, what do you do? You can surely blame school admin, you can blame a ham sandwich, but it does not solve the issue. Most schools, when I was young, sent you to the office and you got the paddle. Parents would slap you for misbehaving, at home or in public. Other parents had an unwritten understanding, that if little Timmy was visiting and was out of line, that parent could slap you as well. That was then, and now things are too liberal.

    God forbid a school admin strikes a child, or another parent. Call the lawyers and the news. Most schools have policies that prohibit any physical contact between staff and students. Again, what do they do? Call 911.

    You get Joe Cop, typically a white, 22-25 years old with maybe 2 yrs of college. Perhaps as much as 300hrs (if lucky) of police schooling and little if any, in child psychology. Probably not even a parent, but now you delegate the responsibilty of maintaing order in ‘your’ classroom to him, not a good idea. Look at the stats for SLO in larger cities, you’ll discover, they have more criminal complaints inside the school, then on the street.

    Again, saying ‘lazy admin’ is fine, but still, what do school administrators do?

  • Carlos

    I’m going to quote parts of your last paragraph on your last post: [quote]

    ———————————————————————-CCommon Sense says:
    May 7, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    “You get Joe Cop, typically a white, 22-25 years old with maybe 2 yrs of college. Perhaps as much as 300hrs (if lucky) of police schooling and little if any, in child psychology. Probably not even a parent, but now you delegate the responsibilty of maintaing order in ‘your’ classroom to him, not a good idea.”


    At least, apparently, you are with me on this one.
    You are tacitly admitting that things are being doing the WRONG WAY and the system [the way is being implemented] is…somehow dysfunctional.

    Things cannot continue like this over time because it’s going to cause more problems than it actually is going to solve in the long run. Don’t you agree ?


  • Common Sense

    Yes, I agree, but again, what is the solution?

  • Carlos

    Common Sense says:
    May 7, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Yes, I agree, but again, what is the solution?


    Well, if you read the very first post to this thread [quote]:

    Jim says:
    May 7, 2012 at 11:10 am

    “…all children ultimately belong to the State.”


    The solution ultimately rests upon the ones who have created this whole MESS.

    Who ? Federal Government & State Governments.

    Who am I to try change anything ? Just a wretched mortal…aren’t I ?


  • Carlos

    Oh…before I forget, in the event of your answer to my post is: “Go and vote for other people to be elected to make the…ahem!…changes”…

    I do NOT believe nor trust in voting anymore. In fact, I stopped voting back in 2000 and I haven’t looked back ever since.


  • Marine andy

    I have to say I agree with common and Carlos on this one. My wife is a school social worker, and she says the teachers have no,power of discipline anymore. That’s why the cops are needed, the teachers, in some cases, can’t even raise their voices to a student because it’s considered verbal assault. I attended catholic grade school and highschool. You got out of line, you got you’re ass kicked. kid are to entiightled these days, that’s what I see as the biggest problem.

  • Marine andy

    George, I never meant that we need the cops to beat the shit out of our kids. I was just stating the reasons the administrators give my wife and the faculty of why the cops are needed, because they can get away with that behavior. Should have stated better. Love your articles keep,it,up!

  • George

    If it’s wrong for teachers to beat the shit out of children, it’s wrong for police to do so. If the problem truly is teachers being legally prohibited from stopping violent children, or defending other children from violent children, the answer is to allow teachers to do so, not to let the police come in and beat the shit out of an unruly child. Is that so very difficult to see?

  • George Sand

    @Marine Andy – I understand your point, thanks for reading and thank you for your support.

  • Carlos


    George says:
    May 7, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    “…If the problem truly is teachers being legally prohibited from stopping violent children, or defending other children from violent children, the answer is to allow teachers to do so, not to let the police come in and beat the shit out of an unruly child. Is that so very difficult to see?”



    Who made those rules ? The kids ? The parents ? uh ? Who ?

    Our “beloved” Government did [Feds & State] hence, it’s up to them cleaning up the mess they have created themselves by making a CRIME to spank an unruly child in a classroom.
    Ok…Cops are called upon but, to do what ? The job teachers and principals should be doing but have been forbidden to do ?

    Cops presence makes things worse because as I stated above and, “Common Sense” rightly agreed with me, cops do NOT have the training to be dealing with 6-years-old kids nor have the patience to psychologically talk those kids down. Cops are going to do what they’ve been trained to do, handcuff, taze, beat, kick, shoot, etc.

    We are creating a precedent that can lead to disastrous consequences in the future.

    All those kids, do you think they are gonna feel any empathy for the police in the future ? They are going to see them with animosity.

    It’s up to the Government to clear this mess and to STOP playing the NANNY with the American people. They want to control everything in our lives. Our choices we make. Everything.


  • Centurion

    7 year old in Florida had a cardiac arrest after getting tazed by Police 3 times. I will say it again. Police have no Jurisdiction to enforce anything that is in public jurisdiction.They only have a right to enforce crimes made in plain sight that has a victim. If a Cop forcefully takes someone to the ground,taze,yell, at anyone in a situation without cause or otherwise victimless in front of me . I will forcefully put his or her face in the ground and arrest them for a felony assault on a citizen. I will take the officer to the US Dist court for processing as a citizen arrest for felony assault and illegal use of force. This is why over 12,000 police agencies lose lawsuits a year for wrongful death by illegal use of their pussy ass bitch force. Temper Tantrims have nothing to do with bad parenting nor does it have to do with teachers not doing their jobs . Its a child having a temper tantrim GROW UP COPS and stay out of the publics Jurisdiction PERIOD.

  • Common Sense

    I still think you are focusing on a result rather then a solution.

    Do you allow staff to discipline students? How? Do you want the staff to interced? To what level can they to stop a students behavior? Are you willing to bring back the paddle into middle school? How many hits are acceptable? Do parents have to sign a legal wavier saying they understand and ‘shall hold harmless’ the school district when little Timmy can’t sit without pain for a day? And now what of the rights of children? Little Jimmy was paddled repeatedly at school, dropped out, and now is both a drug users and seller prone to violence with all social interactions he has. Are you willing to allow staff to ‘detain’ student, if so, what level of force is acceptable for chlidren? What if the children are special needs? – now your getting into a legal issue. Do staff have some immunity from a parent’s civil suit if their child was “verbally assaulted” and “manhandled” now the parents of poor Jennifer wants 50k? How do you ‘train’ educators to deal with those unruly students? Say two 16 or 17 yr olds are slugging it out, you tell me some 28 yr old teacher, on her first career job, is going to tangle with them or just let them fight? Now the school district ‘allowed’ my poor defensless 16 yr old choir boy to be beating while the staff watched. That’s what the civil suit will read.

    I think many fail to understand just how much juvenile crime exists. And again, you can blame anything, but what’s the solution?

  • Common Sense


    I picture you like Pyle running around shouting ‘citizen’s arrest, citizen’s arrest..”

    You just let me know when you do that for the first time, I’d realy like to know how that turns out.

  • Sabra Marcroft

    I think a lot of the problem is 3 generations of adults who were raised on TV. Nobody really knows how to get along any more. Most parents,teachers and police most definitely included. It’s easy to learn bad behaviour from TV, and almost impossible to learn effective self discipline and social interaction skills from TV. If your parents didn’t have those skills, how could they teach them to you?

  • Bill

    Hey, guys, we have these things called ‘suspensions’ in schools nowadys where kids have to sit in their school library and do nonstop work with no social interaction for a day, or detentions, where kids have to sit and do literally nothing for about two hours. And given the fact that there is evidence that corporal punishment and demanding blind, unquestioning loyalty from children does more harm than good (google it, it’s not hard to find), maybe we should try using the systems that are already in place, which I can tell you right now are not widely taken advantage of by teachers, many of whom just let classes walk all over them. I WISH some of my teachers had at least kicked unruly kids out of class, but they don’t, and THAT’S where we need to start.

  • Carlos

    The world as we knew it, has changed and…I do not think for better but for worse.

    When I grew up [in my times], mom stayed home while dad went out to work. No TV, no video-games, no computers and/or Internet [Facebook, YouTube], no those crazy “rock-stars” that abound today […fill out the blank with band name…], etc.

    My parents regularly took me to Sunday school at church.
    My parents monitored my performance at school and always checked up with my teachers to monitor my progress.

    Fast Forward to…nowadays: What has happened?
    Well, both parents work 9-5 to keep up with the cost of living and to provide for the food and education of their kids. But, they now have to leave the kids since the kids are babies in a daycare facility. There, kids start picking up bad manners from other kids. Parents hardly see or spend much time with their kids once they return home from work. Kids are left to just watch TV [with all sex and violence on TV today], play video-games, use Internet, and hang out with “friends” with dubious reputation among other things.

    Parents can’t discipline their kids nowadays by a soft spank because, in this epoch, it’s defined as “abuse” and Child Protective Services [CPS] can take the kids away from their biological parents to a foster home.

    It’s more complicated than it seems to be. But, entering Cops to this already complicated “picture”, doesn’t make things better.


  • dougo

    the Bill of righte applies to children also.free speech such as fuck off pig does not excuse/allow the physical abuse of anyone..again you pigs get the respect you earned!

  • It goes both ways

    The cops and social services can often be like nannies all the way up to terrorists. And parents can often be neglectful all the way up to abusive. Both sides cross the lines of each others authoriTIE far too often and frequently for the wrong reasons. There are still some good parents, cops and social workers just not enough that you ever hear about. Our system is completely broken and will not get better on the path we have allowed to transpire. Personal responsibility and equal accountability on all levels would change things quickly. That just isn’t how things work now in our brave new world.

    Not seeing how this is going to get any better.

    At least Cop Block is here to point out the ways to stand up against abusive authority and tyranny.

    Thanks to all ladies and gents of Copblock

  • din365

    As rare as it is, but I actually agree with common sense on this one. When you got so many dumb ass laws basically outlawing the tried and true methods of discipline, then what are you supposed to do?
    Ground them or time outs? “oh but you can’t touch the poor little darlings”, so good luck enforcing that

    yelling at them? “oh, it’s child abuse. use soft, non-threatening talking”. Good luck with that.

    Sending them to bed without dinner? “but that’s child abuse and possible neglect!”

    so basically all you’re legally allowed to do is to give the little bastard a talking to, and the kid learns that parents are pushovers and nobody will stop them if they get out of line. Guess who’s left who can legally deal with them?

    what needs to be done is to get some people in power, who have a real set, to basically take these nannyist laws, and basically throw them in the trash where they belong, so we won’t have to waste the police’s time, and they can actually get back to catching real criminals.

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  • {

    This is great! I’ve read a lot of Kim’s post on the Warrior Forum and she’s exceptionally talented. Thanks for these; my mind is already buzzing with post ideas.