Acadiana Law Enforcement Attempts To Incite Gang War

Acadiana – an area in Louisiana around LaFayette – Law Enforcement, lead by Captain Clay Higgins, created the video above with a clear threat to those of the Gremlins Street Gang. According to 

An investigation into the Gremlins Gang was launched a year and a half ago by Abbeville Police. Ten accused gang members are already under arrest, but 7 are still wanted.

Our investigative team has been looking into the their (sic) criminal history. They’ve been accused of murder charges, theft, and drug related crimes. But we found, in many cases, the victims wouldn’t cooperate with investigators.

Now, the gang is apparently on the move. As KATC’s Travis Guillory reports, they’ve caught the attention of law enforcement elsewhere, including the outspoken, suspect shaming Capt. Clay Higgins.

Higgins rallied more than a dozen law enforcement agencies to send a strong message to the Gremlins Gang and people of Acadiana. He said, “I’m hopeful that the Acadiana community can make a strong stand, and by extension, perhaps the country, will hear this message and make a strong, unified stand when a community comes together and draws a bold line in the sand and says we’re not going to tolerate that kind of violence in our area.”

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Accused gang members were most recently spotted in St. Landry Parish. Capt. Higgins said, “The Gremlin street gang is all bad. And the fact that they’re so extremely violent, every day that they’re lose (sic) is a danger to the community.”

And they aren’t hiding their violent crimes, often posting music videos, rapping about the crimes they’ve committed.

Capt. Higgins hopes his strong message and law enforcement presence will encourage residents of Acadiana to turn in the remaining seven suspects and put them behind bars, saying, “During that time, maybe they’ll find redemption. Right now, that’s between them and God. They’re not getting it from me.”

NEWS VIDEO: | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

While many who view this video might initially think, “good, about time someone does something about this violent gang of criminals” but not me. I watched this and thought, “damn, these guys [the police] are attempting to start a gang war.”

That’s right, I believe the police are nothing more than a gang, just like the Gremlins. In fact, the Acadiana LEO’s have probably done more harm to their community than the Gremlins street gang. While Higgins said that, “every day that they’re [the gang members] loose is a danger to the community” he failed to mention that each day his fellow LEO’s in the area ticket people for minor vehicle violations. These actions by police, like seatbelts and speeding tickets, are nothing more than extortion and/or theft.

Do you really think the Gremlins are operating to the scale that LEO’s, courthouses and jails do? Of course not!

Furthermore, the Acadiana LEO’s aren’t actually seeking to solve the problems of murder, theft or drug related offenses with their threats. Even if they arrested the entire Gremlins gang all the LEO’s would be doing is opening the door for the next gang to move in. In fact, how do we know that Higgins isn’t leading this charge to out the current gang so that another (who might be paying him under the table) gang can take control of the illegal markets in Acadiana? And before you think I’m insane to think such thoughts may I remind you of John Connolly, the former FBI agent, who helped Whitey Bulger eliminate the Italian Mafia so that his Irish Mafia could again control of illegal operations in Boston. So, yeah, not too far fetched is it?

Even if that isn’t the case here the intentions of this task force are simply off base. Everyone knows that street gangs thrive off prohibition of drugs. The illegal sale of banned items (drugs, guns or anything else) is how street gangs profit. It’s also what gangs fight over that leads to the violent crimes with victims, like murder and theft.


Therefore, one has to wonder what the hell these LEO’s are doing? This threat isn’t going to stop their illegal activities and neither is arresting them. The only thing this video is going to accomplish is more violence and a gang war between the Gremlins and Cops. If the police really wanted to curb the gang’s power they’d take a serious look at ending the war on drugs. This would take away huge profits from the gang and lessen the reasons for disputes to be settled by violence. If you don’t believe me just do some research for yourself and I suggest starting here. The video below also does a great example of highlighting the problems with prohibition.

Maybe the LEO’s will understand this after they risk their lives to catch these guys only to realize that the next gang was patiently waiting for such opportunity to open up. Or maybe YOU will realize that the police are nothing more than the “World’s Largest Gang” and you’ll stop providing them with your hard earned tax dollars. After all, to stop a gang you have to stop their funding and the police are stealing more money than any street gang has ever dreamed of.

And that’s a fact.

BELOW IS THE BOILING FROGS DOCUMENTARY “THE WORLD’S LARGEST GANG.” It’s highly recommended to anyone who still believes the police are here to protect you and not their own turf.

**NOTE: I do NOT condone the violent actions of any GANG (or person) and this piece is not intended to give that impression. What I’d like the reader to take away from this post is that there are alternatives to solving these issues.**

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