Pot Fishing Cop Finally Hooks One

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Before we get into the post, I would like to remind everyone that they own themselves and prohibiting someone from enjoying themselves in a peaceful manner is fundamentally immoral, even more so than the action of ingesting these highly controversial substances in the first place. If we were free to make our own decisions, prohibitions in place to augment behaviors that at the root have no malice aimed at another would not exist and trying to enact them would lead to a swift and public ridicule, as no one in their right mind would try to dictate what another can or cannot do with their own body.

February 19, 2016
Officer Pool #872
Chief Rex Redden 972-466-3287

Mayor Matthew Marchant 972-466-3166,

PIO Jolene DeVito 972-466-9180

We have recorded this cop a few times before claiming to smell pot, but came up empty both times. It’s looks like he finally got a “win” this time.

When I came across this stop, I assumed it was a normal stop. That was before that second cop arrived, and since they cuffed him prior to a search, I wrongly assumed it was a warrant arrest or something. I had to stay back a bit because I knew the wind noise would be horrible, so I stood between a few vans. I really couldn’t hear anything while it was happening.

After loading up the video at home, I recognized very quickly that it was just another pot fishing expedition.

You can tell from what the guy was saying and his reaction to the whole thing, he was very upset. Seemingly, because the usual claim of smelling pot couldn’t be true. Since the cop was unable to find any pot in the cab of the car, and only found a small amount inside 2 bags inside a closed container, it appears he was telling the truth.


Considering we continue to run across this particular cop playing this “I smell pot” game (mostly failing), we have to believe there is more to it than coincidence. Do they send him out with the goal of getting car searches based on the “I smell pot” claim knowing they don’t have to prove it, and the victim can’t prove he didn’t. Then add the scanning equipment on his SUV, and it makes you wonder if they are using that equipment to possible profile.

Out of 5 drug searches we have encountered in Carrollton, only 1 has resulted in an arrest. Carrollton is not a marijuana ticket city.

While we have gotten a great number of views from CopBlock, it appears that they don’t consider CopBlock a real threat. In an email by PIO Jolene DeVito, she shrugs off negative internet comments as just a “community of online cop haters.”

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Want to share your experience with police? Simply click the banner to submit a post.

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