CopBlock Radio EP 107 “The Other Guys”

This week on Copblock Radio, we kicked off the show with a story out of Philadelphia. It would seem a Federal judge there does not believe in the First Amendment. He made a moronic ruling putting the very nature of “Copblocking” at risk. Read this full story HERE.

We were joined with Ademo Freeman for our next two segments. He gave his personal incites into Deo’s trial, as well as told us the story of how he was thrown out of the courtroom on the first day.  Ademo recently wrote a story on about how the Acadiana  Louisiana police are inciting a type of gang war. That story can be found HERE.

Next, we were joined by Amanda from Minnesota Copblock. Her group out there is amazing and incredibly active. There is a story on local media there about one of the local police that resigned due to increased pressure from the group. Particularly one member, named Andrew Henderson, was featured in a recent article by Pete Eyre.

After we came back from our long break we were joined by our weekly special “guest” Deo. He called in live from jail and we talked about his life in jail. His spirits seemed high as we jokingly discussed a Copblock article about the prison slave labor industry.

Deo’s Mailing Address Is
Parma Police/Jail
ATTN: Douglas Odolecki
5555 Powers Blvd
Parma, OH 44129

Our next two segments were taken by a discussion on an article about the group “Anonymous”. The group has taken justice into its own hands yet again over a police involved shooting with many questionable answers being given. We got far off the story but deep into who and what “Anonymous” is. It was a great discussion with many opposing views.

We finished up the night with a run of three stories from They can be found at the following links:

Guns Vanish From Police Evidence Locker                                                                                                                  Texas Copblockers Go On Trial                                                                                                                                    Cops Use Handcuffs On 8 yo Child At School.

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