Brett Sanders Arrested by Police for Open Carrying a Firearm (UPDATED)

UPDATE 9:58 PM: Brett is being released pending some paperwork and has a small group of supporters awaiting his release. He still has pending charges and will have to return for court in the future but he’s not in a cage.

UPDATE 10:57 PM: Brett is confirmed released and reports are that the call floods were ‘melting the phone lines.’ Thank you to those who helped spread the word so quickly.

Brett Sanders is an activist, residing in Texas, who documents his acitivism (amongst other things) at his website (check it out). He’s also a contributor to from time to time when his activities include run ins with government police. Today may have been on of those days because Brett was kidnapped (some may also call this arrest) by Kelly, TX police employees while on the side of the road.

It’s unclear what Brett was doing on the side of the road today but what we do know is that he’s currently locked in a cage facing two counts of “unlawfully carrying a firearm.” Below is the video that Brett was able to record using Cell 411, a new smartphone app great for CopBlockers, and shows the interaction he had with two Southlake, TX police employees.

Thankfully Brett was smart (and fast) enough to use the Livestream feature of Cell 411, which allows all of those who are in a ‘cell’ with Brett to download the video, because had he not we wouldn’t have known he was arrested at all. Now with the video of the arrest we can make our own opinions about the actions that transpired and, more importantly, decided how we can help.

As of now he faces two counts of ‘unlawfully carrying a firearm” and is in jail. I read the law cited on Keller’s (the jail he’s in) website via Google search and it’s hard to see how Brett violated this law. I’m also being told by several Texas CopBlockers, who are enroute to assist, that this law might still apply if Brett doesn’t have a concealed handgun license (CHL). Of course Brett, for the most part, wasn’t answering questions when asked such things so we’re still unsure if he has the state’s paperwork or not.

Yet, it should be noted that you can end up in a cage for not having ‘paperwork.’ Seems a little ‘police state’ like doesn’t it? As if Brett, who may have been doing nothing but walking down the highway shoulder, is required to produce documents to the police when under NO suspicion of a crime.

Nevertheless, the first police employee stated on video that he simply made ‘contact’ with Brett to tell him to stay out of the road and that when he did he noticed the firearm. Therefore, the police employee needed to see government paperwork. While taking the time to stall for backup Brett got in a few statements about rights and exercising them but it seemed like they were falling on deaf ears. That was confirmed when just moments after backup (the Sgt) arrived Brett was taken into custody.

As of now we’re being told that Brett will have to wait to see a judge tomorrow to get set some sort of bond set by a ‘judge.” Yet, we know that the power of call floods can sometimes get people released from a cage sooner than later. So if you believe that Brett should have bene able to continue on without this police interaction than give them a call. If you want the jail to know they are housing a man who has harmed no one else than give them a call. Both numbers are posted below.

I’ll keep updating this post as more information is available.

Southlake, TX Police Department: 817-748-8135

Keller Jail: 817-743-4770
*IF YOU CALL PLEASE RECORD THE CONVERSATION AND SHARE IT WITH US (remember to tell them you’re recording them)*

CELL 411 Video by Pete


*Special thanks to Severin Freeman and Virgil Vaduva*

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