Cop Who Arrested Sandra Bland Has Been Fired

The tides are finally turning when it comes to dirty cops. A few years ago the idea of a cop being charged, or at the very least fired, for their misdeeds was laughable. Today this is not the case thanks in part to sites like this educating the public and shining a light on police misconduct.

One such case, that has been heavily covered here, is the case of Sandra Bland. We have no clue exactly how she died. In fact there are more questions today then there were on the first day of the investigation. One thing we do know is that she was stopped for a tail light and is dead today as a direct result of that stop. No police were ever charged or even suspended for what happened to Sandra… Until now.

In an almost humorous attempt to appease the public, the policy enforcer that made the stop has been let go from the department. The reason was for being a horrible excuse of a public servant. No, just kidding there folks, his actual reason for being fired had nothing to do with the mystery surrounding Ms.Bland. It was for being rude during the traffic stop and breaking the department’s “courtesy” policy. Not for assault, not for illegal detainment, or even lying on the official report. He was finally let go for being rude to a civilian.

This sickens me. These cowards are not human. The paperwork for Texas State Trooper Brian Encinia’s termination actually included the absolutely detached and absurd language of:

“Trooper Brian Encinia was fired after failing to rebut disciplinary charges leveled against him in January, Public Safety Director Steven McCraw wrote in a letter of final termination. Encinia had been accused of failing to act courteously during his July traffic stop of Bland”

After reading most of the decision, one would think the other end was an annoyed victim that lost an afternoon instead of a dead woman.

Bland was pulled over on June 10, 2015, during a road trip to Texas from Illinois, where she lived. Bystander video shows Bland on the ground after she had been pulled from her car. Bland is heard on the video crying and in distress as she repeatedly tells officers that they were hurting her and that she couldn’t hear after being slammed into the ground.

Dashcam video from Encinia’s car showed him holding a stun gun and threatening,”I will light you up!” after she refuses to get out of her car.

Bland was found three days after her arrest hanged with a plastic bag in her cell. Her friends and family vigorously denied she would have taken her life, saying suicide was “unfathomable.”

Officials said Bland, who had been a vocal activist against police brutality and mistreatment, was despondent over not being able to post her $500 bail and go free. A grand jury declined to charge anyone at the jail in connection to Bland’s death.

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