Greensboro North Carolina Police Department Recruitment Video

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In the “about” section of their Facebook page those behind the GPPA state:

“We are here to end the abuse and corruption of the Greensboro Police Dept. There is a great deal of video evidence showing their brutal and abusive methods.”

It’s very obvious in watching the video that it’s a parody and not a video genuinely created by the Greensboro Police Department with the intent of recruiting new Revenue Generators. However, as the YouTube description implies, this is more a case of the fact that the cops generally know enough not to come right out and admit what they do, than it not actually being based on the reality of what the police do and why some people are attracted to the police force.

Among other things, the video points out the secretive and (intentionally) ineffective internal affairs process that will allow officers to “beat the hell out of someone” (especially minorities) and then cover it up by trumping up charges against the victim without any fear of repercussions.  The infamous “Greensboro Massacre” where members of the KKK and the American Nazi Party shot five people at an anti-Klan march and in which a court ruled law enforcement acted in collusion with the racist hate groups is also used as an example of the extra rights recruits can look forward to upon graduation from the academy.

The video also points out the fallacy of the idea that police body cameras are the solution to police abuses. The case of Officer Timothy Bloch is pointed to as an example of easily all the Good Cops “investigating” each other can make that evidence disappear never to be seen by the public (unless of course it supports their official story).

The video concludes by calling for a citizen’s review board, which is being advocated for in Greensboro by the “Beloved Community Center.” In theory, that’s a good idea provided that it would be a true citizen run board with actual power to compel police officials to act (which seems to be the intent of their proposal). However, neither one of those characteristics tend to be a part of the in name only citizen’s oversight boards that more often act as a distraction from the continued corruption of the police departments they “oversee.”

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