More Small Town Cop Cover UPs Exposed; Anthony Piercy’s Trial Judge

It Appears They Tried To Pull A Fast One

The special prosecutor  involving  Missouri Highway Patrol trooper Anthony Piercy, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the drowning death of Brandon Ellingson, has asked for a new judge. According to docket entries from the Missouri court systems, Piercy’s case was first assigned to senior Circuit Court Judge Stan Moore, but due to a scheduling conflict, the case was moved to Judge Kenneth Hayden’s docket.

Missouri Trooper Anthony Piercy failed to place the proper life jacket on Brandon. Brandon had been placed in handcuffs but unfortunately due to Piercy’s lack of training on the waters, he placed the wrong type of life jacket on Brandon. Piercy then reached an estimated speed between 39.1 mph – 43.7 mph on the waters which tossed Brandon from the boat. (SEE THE TIMELINE)

Both Judge Hayden and Piercy are members of the Versailles community, Versailles Lions Club, and both are well known among Morgan county’s 2500 residents. Craig Ellingson, Brandon’s father said he was concerned about the case being handled in Morgan County because of the close relationships in a small area. Having Hayden as the judge at Piercy’s trial would be a “joke.””It looks like an advantage to Piercy”, he said. “It just seems unfair that the victim, who is Brandon, has no friends down there, he’s not from down there.” ~ THE KANSAS CITY STAR

Craig Ellingson has also filed a civil lawsuit in Cole County Court. The suit accuses the Missouri Highway Patrol of failing to provide the Ellingson’s family lawyer with the proper information in a timely manner. It took over 5 months for the highway patrol to release the details concerning Brandon’s death.

Is Sgt. Randy Henry a Prophet Also?

Back in November former  Sgt. Randy Henry, who was with the Missouri Hwy patrol and Water patrol for almost 30 years and was working the night of Ellingson’s death was the one who immediately interviewed Piercy after the drowning, gave an exclusive interview to KCCI Channel 8 in De Moines’s Ryan Smith. (READ MORE) In the interview Henry states,

Brandon Ellingson didn’t have a chance the moment he got on that boat. As soon as Brandon Ellingson got onto Tony Piercy’s boat, I believe it was a death march, I just feel so bad for the family that we killed their son. This happened on our watch. It shouldn’t have happened. It was totally preventable and it was covered up.

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