Proven Guilty Never Innocent

This post was sent by someone harassed by Patrick Fitzgerald, who works for the Orchard Park (NY) PD. Feel free after reading to give Fitzerald a ring to inquire about his actions. Just one comment about the authors write-up: per the “I HATE COPS” statement – why not focus instead on the bad idea (external authority) that creates the the institution that perversely incentivize such unwanted actions? -Pete

So my buddies car had a loud muffler. We were stopped. After getting the drivers license, my friend, who had a warrant, was swept away.

Now it was my turn. Here is a little of the discussion:

Me: ” Officer am I being detained or I am free to go?” As my hands are behind my back and his knee is in my ass

Officer Fitzgerald: ” Did I say you where being detained? Just follow directions!” as he pats me down (I previously took all hard objects out of my pockets so if he stuck his hand inside my pocket he would be illegally searching me and anything he found would have no jurisdiction – nothing was found).

Me: ” Well officer I am not trying to be rude but if I am not being detained I will be on my way now.”

Officer: “Did I say you where going anywhere? Your staying right here don’t make me put you to the ground!”

Me: “Whats your badge number public servant?”

Officer: “That Ron Paul sticker on your wallet isn’t helping your case.”

In conclusion I was illegally detained, searched , and politically profiled as a “right-Wing” extremist (I know this because I read the handbooks they hand out to police) then let go.

I HATE COPS, all they do is act all powerful when half of them don’t even know the LAW all they know is PROCEDURE. LAW IS NOT PROCEDURE, and BAD HABITS should be checked by police management. I wish he would have put my face to the ground the people outside their house would have been GREAT witnesses to the end of my working days.



Patrick Fitzgerald (officer)

Orchard Park Police
S 4295 South Buffalo Street
Orchard Park, NY 14127


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