Cape Coral Officer Throws Woman Down, Knocks Her Out And Then Says She’s “PLAYING”

UPDATE via South Florida Cop Watch: Cape Coral police lieutenant contacted the source about the matter. Says he’s glad the video surfaced, the cop is not losing his job, or being suspended as of right now. He’s just off the streets till the investigation is over.

A video posted to Facebook early Sunday morning by Daniel Wirka shows an unknown Cape Coral Police Officer slamming a woman to the ground (see video above). At the start of the video it appears that a man has taken possessions of the unknown woman and she wants them back. When the video was first sent to me I thought I was going to be watching a KO punch from the lady or some other standard drunk video content. Yet, when I watch the Cape Coral officer approach her from behind I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

And it wasn’t.

The officer didn’t put much force into it when he grabbed the ladies shoulder, spun her and pushed her into the opposite direction but it was enough to make the woman lose her balance (presumably because she was drunk) and smash her head onto the concrete. Which the officer didn’t even notice because he was too busy scolding the man to realize that his actions just harmed someone.

Then, when he finally does realize the woman is still on the ground, he goes on to say, “Get her up, she’s sitting there faking it.” Really, she’s faking it? He follows that up with another intelligent remark claiming, “She’s not out, she’s playing games.”

At this point the officer has failed to rush to her side to provide assistance, another bystander has though, nor has he called for medical attention. Instead he turns his attention to Wirka and says, “Really, you’re going to hurt a lady and put her on there and embarrass her like that?”


Did the officer just try and claim that Wirka harmed the woman? I’ll assume that the officer merely misspoke there and isn’t’ that convoluted to think that horse crap would fly. Of course many officers arrived on scene following this, as you can hear folks upset with how the officer manhandled the woman, and according to Wirka (in a FB comment) they, “kept trying to get me to delete the video.” Thankfully he didn’t so that the actions of this police employee can be exposed, the woman can seek her justice and others can see the value in filming the police.

Cape Coral Police Department Facebook Page

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Don’t get just get them a gift, get them a message of peace and goodwill! Click here.

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