K-9 Alerts on Car, Cops Search It, Find Nothing and Claim “They’re Just Doing Their Jobs”

The video above and post below were submitted to CopBlock.org via the “Submission Tab” by the “Tennessee Valley Constitutionalist Society.” They discuss a video posted to YouTube where a man was subjected to a search of his car by Wichita County Sheriff’s.

Tennessee Valley Constitutionalist Society states:

The video above has apparently not made the rounds, as of yet, where a California salesman is harassed by the Wichita County Sheriff’s Department among others. As stated in the description of the video, the Deputies followed the gentleman for more than 20 minutes, finally initiating a “traffic stop” for presumably something very minor. Minor enough that only a warning was going to be written.

However, once the man began stating that he didn’t answer questions, the “reasonable suspicion” began to rise. This, coupled with the fact that he had California plates (oh my!) meant that there was no way this citizen wasn’t going to be harassed by this “drug unit”.

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The gentleman does a wonderful job narrating as the harassment continues, asking repeatedly, “why am I being detained?” while we awaits a canine unit.

Of course, once the canine unit arrives, the dog makes a hit. Surprise, surprise! Isn’t it just lovely that our fourth amendment protection can be usurped by a dog. The harassing officers then proceed to remove everything from the vehicle to search, and of course, nothing was discovered. (Do you think they will retire the canine now?)

The most notable bit of dialogue occurs at the 26:13 mark in the video, At this point one of the officers mentions to the man recording the incident that he may want to put away his phone, so it doesn’t run down. The man explains that he will not, and that he has been documenting the entire event for some time. However, listen carefully, and you will hear the officer try to refer to the new Federal Ruling out of Pennsylvania which states that the First Amendment doesn’t protect videotaping police.

This is probably the most disturbing part of the stop and confirms that this ridiculous ruling is having direct negative consequences on the streets. If you’re not familiar with this ruling you can read about it in this post.

The incident finally ends when the deputy states the reason for the long detainment and harassment was that “he has a job to do”. Really?!

And the police state rolls on!
– Tennessee Valley Constitutionalist Society

The video above is something that happens everyday to many people traveling the roadways. A simple trip down the highway can turn into a complete fishing expedition for police who have no real reason other than, “just doing their jobs.” Which I’m glad the officers brought up in this video because it seems someone wasn’t doing their job.

The K-9!

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How CopSuckers believe that police dogs are capable of being the deciding factor to determine if someone with a gun and a badge can rummage through your stuff is beyond me. Barry Cooper, former Narcotics officer who now runs “Never Get Busted Again“, has stated many times that police dogs give more false alerts than positive ones. Why is that? We don’t really know because dogs can’t talk but there’s plenty of video evidence showing false alert after false alert. Not being able to question your accuser should be the first reason a dog’s scratch, bark or whatever reaction should never be deemed as the justifiable act to search a vehicle.

Furthermore, as TVCS pointed out, if a dog triggers on a car and the police don’t find anything there’s no repercussions. Which seems to me why police use dogs in the first place. Even though cops rarely face repercussions of their own it’s still quite the luxury to use an animal, that you train, to gain consent into people’s property. When the officers fail to find drugs in a vehicle they claimed the dog triggered on they make excuses for it. They say that drugs must have been in the car at sometime or there was something else that triggered Fido. Yet, it’s never brought up that the training of these dogs leads to the realization that rewards (even praise) are given after these ‘alerts.’ So it doesn’t take long for the dogs to figure out that they merely have to react in the way their masters want and they’ll get the praise they seek.

The whole thing is completely insane. Yet, standard business for LEO’s with K-9 as they’re just doing their jobs, even when they’re not actually doing their job (or doing it wrong/falsely) but what else can you expect from a Police State?

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