Springfield, MA PD respond to “What’s your badge number?” with brutality and threats

From the person who shared this story with CopBlock.org:

This is a not only a case of police brutality but a case of cover up/ (police fabricated false charges to cover up their use of violence), destruction of evidence and corruption.

From the website JusticeForMichael.org:

On January 9 2011, Michael Ververis was savagely assaulted by members of the Springfield Police Department.  Michael did not do anything to prompt the officers’ rage.  He was merely sitting in the front passenger seat of a car that Springfield Police had decided was blocking traffic.  Michael is now facing both misdemeanor and felony charges, including Assault and Battery of a Police Officer and Attempt to Commit Larceny of an Officer’s Firearm.  These are fabricated charges to cover up the officers’ violence.  As members of Justice for Michael, we call on District Attorney Mark Mastroianni to drop all charges against Michael Ververis.  Video footage and witness testimony show without any doubt that Michael is not a criminal – but rather the victim of police brutality. We will not rest until Michael’s name has been cleared.


Want to help Michael get justice?

Show-up and support him at his next court appearance:

Friday, May 25th at 8:45 AM

Springfield District Court
50 State St.
P.O. Box 2421
Springfield, MA 01101-2421

Can’t make it in-person? Call DA Mark G. Mastroianni – the person arguing that Michael Ververis should be caged for up to 7.5-years. Tell him to dismiss the charges against Michael. Ask why the real aggressors – those wearing Springfield PD badges – are not being held accountable. Remind him that he is not just doing a job but that his actions have real and potentially signification repercussions on others.

Mark G. Mastroianni (mass-tree-on-ee)


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