Cop Blast Podcast: The Week In Review – Mondays at 9:30pm EST

Cop Blast Podcast brings you another exciting episode this week as hosts Rick Gonzalez of Allentown Cop Block, Scott Marshall Of Oath Accountability Project, and Matthew Taylor of Carbon County Cop Block bring you up to speed with the events of last week.

A big win for Carbon County Cop Blocker Matthew Taylor, who had his day in court with Pennsylvania State Police over an alleged D.U.I.  These charges come from a 2015 crash involving Matthew and  P.S.P. Lehighton’s  Corporal Michael Borosh. This isn’t the first time Corporal Borosh has been in court with a host of Cop Blast Podcast. Last month, Rick Gonzalez and Scott Marshall, along with Severin Freeman of Lehigh Valley Cop Block  and Cop Block Radio, all faced off and won their trespassing case that stems from this video.

Also in store for the viewers is a story that comes from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, where Officer Frank Schulze has been charged in the shooting death of Joseph Molinaro, 34. Schulze, a 2 year member of the Carbondale Police Force out of Lackawanna County, Pa. was out of uniform and off duty when the shooting took place. In court Thursday afternoon, Schulze was charged with an open count of criminal homicide, reckless endangerment, and assault. Schulze remains held without bail at this time.

Also on tap is this week is an Update on Ramsey Orta. Orta, who was made famous after he filmed a video of the 2014 death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD, has had a target painted on his back since the moment he hit record.  He has been arrested for several different things since July 2014, including again on Wednesday for filming a traffic stop in New York City. Tune in to learn more.

Speaking of updates, a new one out of South Carolina indicates Police Lieutenant Mark Tiller may be charged federally in the shooting death of Zachary Hammond from last July. Last October, the state announced that no criminal charges would be filed. So what makes it seem like that’s going to change? Tune in and find out.

There is interesting news out of Stamford Connecticut as the local police have set up a GoFundMe account for a new Bearcat assault vehicle. Already pulling in $20k of the $200k request for support in just two months, there is no question the Cop Blast Podcast crew were going to want to take a closer look into this.

To hear about these stories and more, tune into Cop Blast Podcast live Monday nights at 9:30pm EST. A link to the episode from this week can be found HERE.


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