Minnesota Cops Smoke-up Occupy Protesters, Then Lie

A story that demonstrates double-standards claimed by those with badges submitted by “Accountability.” As s/he noted, “There is are laws…one for police and one for you.” That view will change only when each of us sees that man-made legislation does not equal law. Note how, when an individual officer does wrong and is called-out for it, his colleagues do damage control to protect the image of their violent institution by stating that he “acted independently.” -Pete

Amazing to see Minnesota Police goons on video tape dealing free dope after picking up Minnesota Occupy protesters and driving them to an airport, doping the protestors and then asking them questions and trying to get the protestors to rat on other protestors.

Supposedly done for evaluations for police to be able to pick up people under the influence.

You just have to see the 35 minute video yourself. One dope dealing officer stupidly tells the person who is videotaping him to shut of the camera because he has a wife and kids and does not want any problems.

From the video description:

Video documentation by local activists and independent media shows that police officers and county deputies from across Minnesota have been picking up young people near Peavey Plaza for a training program to recognize drug-impaired drivers. Multiple participants say officers gave them illicit drugs and provided other incentives to take the drugs. The Occupy movement, present at Peavey Plaza since April 7th, appears to be targeted as impaired people are dropped off at the Plaza, and others say they’ve been rewarded for offering to snitch on the movement.

Around the 5-min mark an individual identified as a Filmore County Sheriff deputy has a conversation:

“In this category we’re just doing eval’s. We don’t want people’s names, we don’t want to get anybody in trouble. We’re here to admit you to eval for us. . . If you smoke weed or something like that, we don’t care. We really don’t. . . What we want then is take you for about 45-minutes of testing. Cause we gotta go down to the airport. . . then, after 45-minutes of testing, we bring you right back, drop you right back off. So, that’s what we’re doing. And like I said, we’re, like, I’m not even from here. I’m from Fillmore County. So I’m way south of Rochester.”

This story was picked-up by The Guardian, which noted in part:

Public safety officials in Minnesota have launched a criminal investigation following multiple claims that law enforcement officers got Occupy protesters high on drugs in a program examining the effects of street marijuana.

A state trooper has been placed on leave in connection with the allegations and the program has been suspended. One participant in the program said police got him “high as fuck”.

The story was broken by independent journalists based in Minnesota who began recording officers picking up and returning protesters to a local park where the demonstrators have been camped out. Individuals repeatedly claimed that the police would provide them with marijuana, watch them smoke it, then observe their behavior.

Dan Feidt, an independent journalist with the Occupy movement, says he began noticing the activity two weeks ago. Feidt joined with other independent media outlets – including Rogue Media, Communities United Against Police Brutality, and Twin Cities IndyMedia – in documenting what was going on at the park.

The 35-minute video compiled by the group shows law enforcement officers from nearly a half dozen departments transporting people to and from the park. Numerous anonymous individuals interviewed in the video claim that officers had a practice of picking up people off the street who were under the influence of illegal substances, transporting them to a building at a local airport, then observing their behavior and administering evaluations as part of study.

Minnesota is among 48 states – as well as the District of Columbia and Canada – that participate in a so-called Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE) program, aimed at helping officers learn how to spot impairment and troublesome drivers. The program began in Minnesota in 1991 and requires officers to perform evaluations on volunteers, generally recruited from the community, who are high.

The program does not permit officers to provide drugs to subjects, but that’s exactly what Feidt’s video suggests they did.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota State Patrol claims that there was “no evidence” to support the allegations made in the video but on Wednesday the Minnesota department of public safety issued a press release announcing that it had launched a criminal investigation into claims that a Hutchinson police officer provided marijuana to subject in the drug program. The allegation was made by an officer from another law enforcement agency. The DPS also announced that it was suspending the program.

Feidt says the program is consistent with police behavior he’s observed at Occupy camps around the country and told The Guardian:

What we saw happen in many, many different cities was they would take people that had chemical dependency issues, they would take people that had mental illness issues and that kind of thing and they would basically drop them off at the Occupy site

He hopes the video will call attention to the war on drugs. “For me, the cruel and dehumanizing nature of the war on drugs has been a major issue for a long time,” Feidt said. “There’s public debate about this program that never really happened, so I’m really hoping that we can have a constructive debate and finally wind down this incredibly destructive system.”



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