Cop Blast Podcast Episode 5

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Your hosts are Matthew Taylor (Carbon County Cop Block), Rick Gonzalez (Allentown Cop Block), and myself, Scott Marshall (Oath Accountability Project). Rick could not be with us this week.

On Monday, we discussed a few new stories and updates with our personal court dealings.

Matthew Taylor discussed the positive outcome of his DUI case. His public defender fought tooth and nail against a distinct attorney that was less than professional and even interrupted the case with a phone call at one point.

We also shared and discussed a news story from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, which is somewhat local to the hosts, about an officer being charged in an off-duty shooting. The officer followed a man after an argument and shot him a few blocks away. Seems the thin blue line is a little thinner when the uniform isn’t on at the time. We will update the story as updates are available.

Ramsey Orta was an interesting topic of discussion. For those of you not familiar, Ramsy filmed the murder of Eric Garner in New York. Ever since, Orta has faced a litany of charges from jaywalking to possession of a firearm since Garner’s death and the resulting viral video and protests. Ramsey’s most recent arrest was for filming a traffic stop “too close”.

We then had an update about the South Carolina cop that killed Zachary Hammond last July. South Carolina had announced that they would not charge Seneca Police Lieutenant Mark Tiller, but the FBI would open its own investigation. The most recent news is that his lawyer had filed for a motion asking to reschedule a video deposition scheduled for next week about the civil suit, saying that his statements could leave him open to criminal prosecution. He asked for 90 days, however he was only given two. I think that is a good sign for team accountability.

Stamford Connecticut recently started a GoFundMe page to buy a Bearcat Armored Personnel Carrier. This is after receiving a large grant for body cameras that still have not been purchased. Most of the funds that have been donated are from suspicious sources, like online bake sales.

The last story of the night was about the Parma, Ohio man that was arrested for his parody Facebook page for the Parma Police Department. There are ongoing issues with freedom in that area of Ohio, especially with our friend Deo Odoleki’s conviction for exercising his right to record the police.

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Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall is the founder of The Oath Accountability Project. A native of Richmond Virginia, now taking on The Police State from Central Pennsylvania.