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The Reality of CopBlock

What you see online here and on CopBlock related sites doesn’t tell the whole story. Most of what we record, the vast majority, never gets published. Not because we’ve got something to hide. But because to a larger audience, it’s not interesting. Casual conversations with officers and passersby aren’t good material.

FILMPOLICEPart of copblocking is going out and looking for trouble. Not looking to get into trouble, but finding people having issues with police. The reality is, these things are hard to find. With the best police scanner and a lot of cruising around hotspots, we just can’t find it all. We went home an hour before the studios of FreeTalkLive were raided. We failed to be there. If we missed an event like that, how much else have we missed?

No tool in the world; scanners, Waze, Cell 411, police reports, etc., can get rid of the fact that at the end of the day, our searching is just guesswork. But that doesn’t mean nothing is happening when we don’t have something interesting to record. In Jaffrey, the police refuse to talk to us or sit anywhere near us for fear of incrimination. With presence alone we can stop them from trolling hotspots. People coming out of bars would otherwise be tailgated with bright lights in their mirrors until they “swerve a bit” only to be harassed about “how much they had to drink tonight.”

Sure, cops have a job to do. But like copblockers, the public doesn’t see, nor understand what they’re day to day is really like. Profiling innocents, writing victimless tickets for revenue, harassing and bullying the public into incrimination. This is normal for them, and it’s never something they’re willing to do on camera. As much as they try to justify what they do, cops do have a conscience. The job tears good people apart. And when they’re doing wrong, they know they’re doing wrong. That’s why they hide from cameras and the public, it’s why they’re attitudes flip like a switch when someone with a camera arrives.

Filming CopsThe violent YouTube videos you see of police beating up innocent people and shooting their dogs aren’t just examples of “bad apples.” It’s standard training out of control and caught on camera. That attitude, the us vs. them, combat mentality is what they’re trained for.

It doesn’t really matter what your perception of CopBlock is. A troll or someone who simply misunderstands isn’t bothersome or just isn’t worth the time. Words on the internet don’t hold a candle to the reality we see very clearly in the real world. We can’t capture it all, and can’t capture it often. But then again, we’re not here for your entertainment. We’re here to help innocents caught in the crossfire of bad policing; as often as we can.

Kelly W. Patterson

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