Municipal Revenue Trumps Commercial Revenue in Carrollton, TX (VIDEO)

The man known as “Carrollton Speed Tax (CST)” is at it again! In the video above he highlights how Carrollton, TX police are so focused on generating revenue (for their salaries, gadgets and more) that they have little care for the effects their actions could have towards businesses who are actually providing a service.

CST had the following to add to his video submission via the submit tab:

We have spent a lot of time focusing on how the Carrollton PD road pirates use all kinds of creative tactics to separate citizens from their hard earned money for victimless crimes. As we were going through videos, we were kind of shocked at how much they are willing to screw over local businesses for such minor offenses.

The police love to tell you when they pull you over that it’s “their” traffic stop, so why do they not make any effort to control it so as to have as little negative impact on the community as possible? Instead of being considerate of local businesses, they will use their property as their personal office space and create a negative impact for them in the process.


For the sake of municipal revenue, Carrollton road pirates will hurt local businesses by:

  • Completely blocking access to local businesses while writing tickets
  • Using their property to conduct business, taking up valuable customer space
  • Making it more challenging for their customers by using the entrance to run radar
  • Running business off by intimidating people that don’t know how to approach people with guns
  • Instilling an overall image of high crime by having gangs of road pirates group together in parking lots to catch and cite citizens

Municipal revenue should never take priority over commercial revenue. Which probably has a lot to do with why the very few large retail organizations we had in Carrollton, like Target and Hobby Lobby, have packed up and moved to neighboring cities.

– Carrollton Speed Tax

Assistant Chief Derick Miller

While this is another great video from Carrollton Speed Tax it’s a damn shame that most businesses, especially the big ones, refuse to tell the police to stay off their property. If there were a coordinated effort for business owners to kindly tell police to ‘conduct their business’ elsewhere than we could reduce the amount of ‘road pirating’ (what I call this revenue generation by police) that goes on.

Sadly we still live in a world where people view the police, and even these actions, as a necessity. That somehow these traffic cops are actually preventing accidents and/or keeping people safer. Yet, that’s simply not the truth. Anyone who’s seen the movie “Minority Report” should understand that you cannot prevent crimes by issuing tickets. This is nothing more than a revenue stream for the police department’s, a way to harass anyone they want and all while claiming it’s for your protection.

It’s pathetic!

I would never voluntarily give money to people to provide this service. Maybe you would but I know I wouldn’t and I know it would cost you more than it does now if EVERYONE wasn’t forced to pay. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean that I’m against people being safe on the roads or that there wouldn’t be consequences for poor, unsafe or erratic driving. If these ‘traffic cops’ worked for a private business that owned the road they wouldn’t be seeking to generate revenue via a ticketing program. Most likely each person would pay for the use of the road, kinda like tolls, and that’s how they’d make money. Yet, if you were caught speeding you might be stopped by ‘road security’ and asked to slow down (or you could pay more to drive faster). Of course if you continued to speed and drive dangerously the cost to drive on said road would increase for you. Or they could decide not to offer their services to you.

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Either way, it would be a much more pleasant experience than that of the government’s agents. The private business employees wouldn’t be concerned about state paperwork or the smells coming from your car (yet, if they thought you were operating under the influence they might call you a cab or get you a ride home but not to jail). They’d simply be focused on making the roads as safe as possible and that includes by not blocking access ways, slowing traffic down with pointless stops and so forth.

But this is where you call me a nut and say that if you don’t break the law you won’t have these problems, so what do I know? Now let me have it in the comments!

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