Video: Officer Shoots Undercover Cop 9 Times Durning $60 Drug Bust

The video above was finally released after a year of legal battles that concluded with a 6.5 million dollar settlement. In what seems to be a case of instant Karma several Albuquerque police officers were all geared up and ready to take $60 of methamphetamine off the streets. According to the

It’s been over a year since undercover Albuquerque police officer Jacob Grant was grievously wounded by his lieutenant in a $60 drug bust gone horribly wrong.

Grant and Detective Holly Garcia were working the drug sting Jan. 9, 2015. Garcia was driving an unmarked police car and had pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot near Central and Tramway.

At that point, Grant was in the back seat directly behind her, as was protocol, holding the two suspected drug dealers at gunpoint. Brachle had missed an earlier briefing, and his body camera shows him driving to the scene in his truck. His police radio is on, and detectives are heard describing what the two suspects are wearing and where they are sitting in the car.

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The detectives were trying to buy $60 worth of methamphetamine. They each gave bust signals to let their fellow officers know to move in to make the arrests after Garcia parked the car.

“Bust signal, bust signal, bust signal” is heard over the radio, and Brachle drives to the scene, parks and gets out with his gun drawn.

Though the other undercover detectives approach the police car from the passenger side and start giving the suspects commands to surrender, Brachle opens the door where Grant is sitting on the rear driver’s side of the car.

“Gun, gun, gun,” Brachle yells at the sight of Grant, who has his weapon trained on the suspects.

Brachle fires twice, repositions himself, then shoots another six times into the vehicle, emptying his magazine filled with .45-caliber, hollow-point bullets.

Grant was shot eight times, and most of his vital organs were damaged. He has been through at least 13 surgeries, and his lawsuit said he will have medical problems for life.

“Oh … that was Jacob,” a stunned undercover officer says once he realizes Grant has been shot.

This is just another, in a long list of many, reasons to end the war on drugs. First of all, these cops weren’t going to achieve jack by arresting someone selling $60 of Meth. Even if the subject would have rolled over on his suppliers the truth is arresting drug dealers doesn’t stop drugs from being sold. In fact, more times than not it merely allows another person (who might be more violent) to open up shop. And since the profits are so good in the black markets, it’s a guarantee.


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And if you’re not looking at this tragedy from the failed war on drugs perspective maybe a glimpse into the stupidity of policing will outrage you about this situation. Usually police shoot unarmed civilians and when they do the police are cleared of wrong doings; around 95% of the time. Yet, this case is also being reviewed for criminal prosecution and I’m dumbfounded. According to the same post linked above:

Phil Sisneros, a spokesman for the district attorney, said there isn’t a timetable for when the office will reach a decision on Brachle. Prosecutors have been reviewing evidence since October.

“There’s no set timeframe we give ourselves,” he said. “Every case is different.”

There are at least 30 police shooting cases by Albuquerque police officers, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies and deputy U.S. marshals in which the district attorney hasn’t officially decided if officers will be charged. Some of those shootings date back to 2013, according to the office’s records.

That’s right the DA is investigating Brachle for criminal behavior even though he actually was ‘just doing his job.’ Sure, he seems to have been the dummy on scene that couldn’t tell the difference between driver’s side and passenger side but if an unarmed civilian who reached for a phone is justifiable use of force, than a man in a car with a gun most certainly is.

Atleast when applying Cop Logic anyways.

In addition to that Grant shouldn’t have received any settlement money. Sure the police probably should keep him on the payroll (with benefits) as most companies would do for an employee who had such incident happen, but to have a 6.5 million dollar settlement because one of your buddies went off on you? Please. Would the suspected drug dealers got any money had Grant shot them instead?

Probably not.

What we do have is a war on drugs that not only endangers the lives of peaceful drug users but also cops. Who most certainly could be spending their time doing something more valuable than harassing low level drug dealers and endangering their own colleagues.

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Want Liberty in your lifetime? Click banner to learn more about Free Keene.


Final side note: Did anyone else notice how the officer’s body camera is set to 1970 as the date. Shouldn’t officers be setting their cameras to the correct date/time to ensure accuracy of their video? Are they this lazy with all their police work?


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