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Did you see Cop Blast Podcast this week? You didn’t? Well let us fill you in on what you missed from Scott Marshall of Oath Accountability Project, Ricardo Gonzalez of Allentown Cop Block, and Matthew Taylor of Carbon County Cop Block.

The show started off with the unfortunate news that co-host Ricardo Gonzalez of Allentown Cop Block was in the hospital. He was going to tell us of his trip to Keene, New Hampshire (the Shire) and what Cop Blocking with JP Freeman and Pete Eyre was all about. That story will have to wait until next week.

In place of Ricardo’s trip, Co-host Scott Marshall brought us a new video of his own. Recorded at around 7:45 am, we see Scott approaching a traffic stop on the side of a highway. Once the video starts, you can instantly see an Officer who is annoyed to find himself being recorded.

The officer, who has been identified as Officer Farrell of the Lehighton State Police starts instructing Scott to back up to a sign that was over 150 yards away. Scott wasn’t having that and responds with a “No” and a quick conversation accrued ending with Scott saying “I know my rights”. Farrell was taken off guard and sort of laughed at the comment, realized Scott was serious, then turned and walked away.

In the next story the crew checked in on Chicago, Illinois where former Officer Jason Van Dyke has been given a job with the Fraternal Order of Police. Van Dyke, if you recall, was at the center of an incident in October 2014 where he shot and killed Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke lost his job with the CPD after public outrage. As of now Van Dyke remains without a badge and shield, but is reported to be doing janitorial work.

Next they jumped to Parma, Ohio to check in on a story about fellow cop blocker and political prisoner Deo Odolecki. Deo, if you are not aware, is doing 240 days in jail for the summary “crime” of holding a sign and recording. The crew started by playing part of a video from Cop Block co-founder Pete Eyre. Pete tells us his thoughts about Deo’s situation, as well as read his last letter to Deo. If you are interested in writing Deo,  please do it here.

Douglas Odolecki
Parma Detention Center
5555 Powers Blvd
Parma, OH 44129

From the Midwest to the Northeast, the next story comes from New York, NY. The story kicked off with a video in which you see Officer Ruben Cuesta ascending a flight of stairs. As he reaches the top a door opens and a dog walks out wagging his tail. At that point Cuesta, who would later claim he feared for his life, pulled his service gun from his hip and shot the animal in the head. The dog’s owner, Yvonne Rosado can be seen in a state of bewilderment and grief as she lays next to her friend while he passed. Afterwards, to add insult to injury, Officer Cuesta handed Rosado a $265 burial fee. This is now the second pet Rosado has lost to the NYPD. Back in 2010 an unnamed officer broke the neck of her cat while executing a search warrant on the property.

Lastly we looked in on a small community of about 5,000 people in Texas known as Granite Shoals. In what seemed like an early April Fools joke the Granite Shoals Police Department took to Facebook and made a rather unusual post. The post made was a health report and claimed the local Heroin and Methamphetamine could be contaminated with the Ebola virus. Within hours the post had been shared hundreds of times and came across the screen of Chastity Hopson. Hopson then followed the directions and took her Meth into the Granite Shoals police station and was promptly arrested. We spoke about how in our opinion this story was a form of entrapment, albeit a funny one, as Hopson would not have done this if not fooled into it by law enforcement.

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Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall is the founder of The Oath Accountability Project. A native of Richmond Virginia, now taking on The Police State from Central Pennsylvania.