Carrollton Texas Road Pirates Care More About Booty than Safety

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Submitted by Carrollton Speed Tax:

The Carrollton Police Department really sets the bar when it comes to the art of separating people from their hard earned money. Not from assisting victims of crimes, but from the victimless crimes of traffic offenses.

Carrollton, TX is a known speed trap city by being a regular on the top ten speed trap cities in North Texas. An impressive feat in its own right considering this is based on tickets per population and with Carrollton being more than twice the size of any other top 10 city. The numbers are staggering,

What makes Carrollton high on the list of Road Pirate-dom is their creativity. This isn’t about running across a road maniac while actually protecting and/or serving the public. This is about going to extremes to fool people to ensure they will be able to bring in the revenue for the boss man, Rex Redden.

I guess since they have a quota……uh……points they have to acquire by giving tickets, they can’t just sit back and hope to catch speeders, or waste time patrolling neighborhoods for criminals. They have to step up with tricky ideas, and hide anywhere possible to get their booty.

You see, if safety were the concern, there would be some kind of effort to keep crimes from happening. Instead, the road pirates are more focused on the booty, so they have to find ways to be sneaky.


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Brian Sumner

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