Second Victim of Chief Bronson Campbell Comes Forward

Back in February, I wrote a story about Bronson Campbell that was sent to the CopBlock Network,via the submission tab. I must admit, it seemed far-fetched even for me (who has read almost every kind of police abuse story) to see such an egregious & ongoing abuse of power by an officer. Yet, the following was recently submitted to us as well. Not only does it back up the claims of the first submission, but it shows a long history of Bronson Campbell harassing citizens & abusing his badge, then moving on to the next small town once lawsuits start piling up.

This story was submitted via the submit page by Angela Matson. Submit your story of police abuse HERE.

Date of Incident(s): June 2013 – December 2013
Officer Involved: (Ex)Chief Bronson Campbell
Department Involved: Enterprise Police Department (Campbell is now Chief in Valley Falls, KS)

Enterprise, KS My problems with Bronson Campbell started back in June 2013, when he was the chief of police in Enterprise, KS. My first contact was a phone call I made to the police station. I was attempting to complain about the discrimination shown by the police officers in town. Bronson Campbell, whom always has a tendency to cut me off in any conversation, said “Are you accusing ME of misconduct? You should know I am recording this conversation. Just so we are on the same page.” After I told him my complaint, Bronson asked, “Does this pertain to your Facebook post from the night before?” That was when I learned of him using my personal Facebook page to keep tabs on me.

On June 18, 2013, I had to go to the city “kangaroo court” for an unrelated ticket. Afterwards, I asked to speak with Bronson privately to discuss two of his officers. He handed me a packet to fill out and said, “Just know whatever you write will be investigated and as Chief I want you to consider the ramifications of any complaint. He informed me that my posts on Facebook are inappropriate toward HIS police department. As I was turning to walk out of the office, Bronson Campbell said, “A CPS worker contacted me today needing to get in touch with you.” He offered me her number and I refused with a comment, “If they want to get in touch with me they know where I live.” Bronson said law enforcement doesn’t get involved in matters like this unless there is reason to believe danger may come to the worker.

The very next day, June 19, 2013, I was driving home from work around 5pm when my daughter calls me frantic saying Bronson Campbell and a lady from CPS (Wendy DeLa Cruz) were at my house. Wendy questioned my son on my porch, then told my daughter she needed to come home from the pool. My daughter was told to go inside and change her clothes then come back out. Both of my children went inside and locked ALL the doors to the house. Bronson Campbell then called my phone– how he got my number is still baffling. I asked if he was at my house. He said he was on my front porch. I told him under NO circumstances is he to question my children without me being present. He said, “Are you refusing to cooperate with this investigation?” I simply repeated myself. Bronson, as usual, cut me off mid-sentence saying, “Let me inform you of your options. If you do not cooperate…” This is when I cut in and repeated myself again “You will not talk to my kids until I get there.” When that conversation was over, I called my father-in-law to go to my house until I got home. When I arrived, Wendy introduced herself, handed my husband a pamphlet, turned to me and said “I was informed by the chief you refuse to cooperate.” Mind you, I never said that to Bronson during our conversation, so I corrected her. “What I said to Officer Campbell was you will NOT question my kids until I get there. I don’t know what is going on or why you are here.” Wendy said there was a report my kids were unsafe and unsupervised. I asked Bronson why he was there. He said for Ms. Cruz’s safety. How could she know there was a concern for her safety without even meeting me? After I finished my rant, I went inside. Wendy told my husband she was informed that I was not taking my medications. This stemmed from the Facebook post that Bronson mentioned before. I ranted some more and they finally left.

Things calmed down until June 30, 2013, when a 13-year-old boy beat up my 7-year-old son. I got very vulgar and extremely loud with the boy and his brother. As I expected, the cops showed up. After Kenneth Boyd (the officer that responded) yanked me backwards and shoved me, I went home and called the Sheriff’s department. The Sheriff’s officers told me I could be arrested for disorderly conduct unless I go in my house and NOT come back out the rest of the night. I did as I was told.

On July 1, 2013 Bronson Campbell showed up to my house minutes after I got home from work and said, “You need to come here. I have a warrant for your arrest.” I did NOT comply he had to come to me. My husband and I requested to see the warrant– which Bronson refused to hand it over. “You can look at it in my hands.” Bronson Campbell told my husband it was $250 cash only bond. However, that wasn’t a true statement. It was an OR bond. I was booked in and released within 30 minutes. I don’t deny that I was in the wrong for being vulgar to the kid, however, in my defense, I am a protective mother. A 13-year-old should never hit a 7-year-old. It was after I hired an attorney that things got really interesting.

On August 24, 2013, my husband and I were served with “Protection From Stalking” orders by the Sheriff. This was when we were informed that we had to use our garage to enter our own house because the front door was in close proximity to the neighbor’s property. This was when we attempted to get the mayor involved in all of this. My husband told him, “You need to get your cop on a leash. This harassment needs to stop.” Larry (the mayor) told us our allegations will be hard to prove. At least, that was until Bronson went after the mayor for his history. That’s not my story to tell, so I won’t even go there. It’s also not my story to tell about Bronson attempting to get a council member fired because he wasn’t getting the vote Bronson Campbell required to be reinstated as chief of police.

On August 31, 2013, we started loading a moving truck to get the hell out of this town. At approximately 6pm, while closing the door from our final load, that same neighbor who was in such fear for her life that she filed the protection orders yelled out “Are you fucking done yet?” & went back into her own house.

On Sept 2, 2013, at 11am, she accused me of having alcohol in our cooler. Mind you I was still on bond, could NOT and did NOT consume any alcohol. Yet, that didn’t stop her from making the allegation to the courts, so we filed a counter-claim to her protection order for malicious false allegations.

When we showed up to court on Sept 3, 2013 for the protection order, Bronson Campbell showed up and said to the judge’s clerk, “I am not a witness for Helen (the neighbor), but I have pertinent information regarding her claim. I’m not sure if she is going to make it today.” All the while, he was trying to hand this clerk an envelope. That clerk did NOT accept anything from him. We received a continuance (which the neighbor was not expecting) because she didn’t have an attorney as she stated to the judge. Well guess what, I do have an attorney (and still do). When we attempted to leave, she and Bronson blocked the stairway, so we had to wait for them to vacate. It was another failed attempt to get me within close proximity of her so Bronson could mess with me more. By the time we made it to our vehicle, the two of them should have been gone, but no such luck. We were about 3 miles outside the city limits when we noticed the Enterprise PD SUV coming up behind us very quickly. We made it to the house in town to check its condition without being bothered then went home.

On September 9, 2013, she texted my husband at 1:22pm to ask us to not proceed with our counter claim against her and she will drop her protection order. At 1:37pm, my husband responded with “Not a chance in hell.” At 1:42pm, she sent “Bring it, I’m ready.”

On September 17, 2013, at the continuance of the stalking order, my attorney sat with, spoke to, and listened to the neighbor. She stated to my attorney, “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Bronson Campbell told me what to write and brought me to the court house to do it.” She also told my attorney that Bronson Campbell informed her he was investigating us, but didn’t have enough evidence yet. When we went into court, she told the judge since we moved there won’t be a problem. So she dropped her request. As my husband, Helen (the neighbor), my attorney, & I walked out, Bronson stood up from the back row and tried to hand Helen envelopes. My attorney asked Bronson, “What are those?” To which Bronson replied, “Reports. Seven of them.” My attorney asked, “Reports of what?” Bronson replied “Police reports pertinent to her claim.” My attorney asked, “Why would you have her put an accusation of meth in this document?” Bronson Campbell informed my attorney, “I told her their behavior is consistent with substance abuse, based off my training.” My attorney informed Bronson that he can get himself into trouble for this behavior. My attorney followed my husband and I down the stairs– leaving Bronson and Helen whooping and hollering, “Bring it.” She had a big change in her attitude after talking to Bronson compared to the lady that was so open to MY attorney.

On Sept 21, 2013, about 11am, my husband went to the Alco store in Abilene, KS. Bronson Campbell was at the register a few people ahead of him. After Bronson checked out, he ducked down at the end of the register, like my husband didn’t notice he was there. As my husband was checking out, Bronson left the store. When my husband headed to our vehicle, Bronson Campbell was standing at the gas pumps waiting. My husband left the parking lot and there came Bronson in his silver Ford Ranger following him in an attempt find out the location of our new residence. It took four turns before my husband shook Bronson. After this, we thought we were done because we changed all of our phone numbers, traded in my new car, and bought a different truck. Bronson Campbell shouldn’t have had any clue where we were, what we drove, or what our phone numbers were. I was wrong.

October 16, 2013, I mailed via certified mail to the city attorney, mayor, KS attorney general, county sheriff, and all seven city council members, a letter summarizing the nightmare we have dealt with in regards to Bronson Campbell. All that got me was what happened next.

October 25, 2013, I was subpoenaed by Bronson for small claims court on libel/slander. He wanted was a formal public apology (NO chance in hell) and $100 because small claims requires a monetary value to sue. In his claim, Bronson spoke of the letter I sent out. He claimed in his initial report, and I quote, “Among these claims is an allegation the plaintiff (Bronson) followed the defendant (me) in a matter that alarmed her while driving a vehicle in Abilene, KS. The plaintiff can produce bank records to show the claim is false. These bank records show the plaintiff was in another location at the alleged time.”

At the court date on Nov 4, 2013, we didn’t have attorneys because small claims doesn’t allow that. Bronson has to PROVE his case. In Bronson Campbell’s opening statement, he referenced the letter I mailed stating, “The defendant did so to EXPOSE ME to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, intending to deprive me of the benefits of public and social acceptance.” He also told the judge, “I intend to offer evidence including recordings of ALL conversations between me and the defendant showing I acted appropriately, in my opinion.” He called his first witness: ME!!! All the questions he asked were him wanting me to prove his case: do you have tangible evidence of this or tangible evidence of that. I didn’t have to answer, and I refused. It was his case, Bronson Campbell had to provide the evidence. His third witness proved he lied about being in the store– he expected the store employee to lie & say otherwise even though there was video of him in the store! The last witness wasn’t even at work the day he was there, so his receipt showing a purchase was made with his card wasn’t provable. His face was blushing a bit when I was done asking her my questions. All in all, the judge saw through Bronson’s antics and dropped the claim because he didn’t prove anything (except he’s an idiot in my opinion).

On November 20, 2013, I had a Sheriff knocking on my door to arrest me for failure to appear to a court date I never had. The sheriff was really nice. I just woke up (I work nights) and he let me call my husband and arrange for pick-up after school for my kids. He allowed me to get dressed before he cuffed me in front and I rode in the front seat to jail where I learned my bond was $223 cash only. Payday was a week away and being working poor, I had to call upon family to bail me out. I spoke with my attorney who sent me the emails stating the city attorney had no knowledge of this warrant or about me needing to appear. My attorney already had the diversion application filled out and turned into the city attorney at my first court date. I still have the emails. Lies, Lies, Lies. When I showed up to the last court date on Dec 17, 2013, they all felt like idiots. The diversion was dated Oct 15, 2013.

We are finally done. Bronson Campbell found himself shoved out on his ass due to all the corruption he caused in the town and for attacking too many in the wrong circle. I attempted to take the claim to federal court against Bronson Campbell, his cronies, and the city of Enterprise. I dropped my suit because the city disbanded the police department. They saw their wrong in this matter with Bronson and without the city being at fault for not stopping this sociopath, I was only going to lose more money. They denied me my rights over and over backing this lying hateful deceitful nothingness till it backfired on him. Then everything I had been telling them for months wasn’t so far-fetched.

I have yet to mention the toll this took on my two children and my husband. Everyone has been on medication since this hell started. We still look over our shoulders every day. I still shake scared at night and don’t get me started on the fear when an officer pulls behind me on the roadway. I don’t fear cops, I am not even scared of Bronson Campbell– there is nothing left for him to take from me, except ME! I know there are bad apples like him everywhere, but badge or not, this man needs his badge ripped from his grasp to never get back again. I do hope, someday, Bronson gets the psychiatric help he desperately needs so no other family has to endure the hell this asshole has put us through.

What Bronson Campbell did to my family & I is nothing new to him. This is his MO. Small town, living as a cop, worms his way into the chief of police spot then starts to sink his teeth into someone until he finds one that is a challenge. Then, he gets pleasure in ruining their lives. First he turns everyone against you, second he attempt to take your livelihood (in my case my job), third uses everything he has to back his craziness to prove you are in need of help (in my case attempted to take my kids away), and last but not least, sends you running out of your house that you own out of the town you and the family called home for years because moving is better than the alternative he has in mind for you. Misery loves company and this man is so full of it he grabs endlessly until he latches onto everything he can.



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