Cop Blocker Of The Quarter Award Winner

Before we get into the award, lets get into the why it exists. The crew of Cop Blast Podcast have come to notice that when officers have been caught doing wrong, the first things to come up are the numerous awards they have won.  These awards are handed out for such things as being sworn in, merit, fitness, and so on.

The reason for the awards they have won are normally not brought up, just the fact that the officer has them. This tactic is use them to strengthen credibility on the stand through the perception that the officer is above the rest. What they also choose to leave out is that the awards are given to friends by friends.

So why can’t we give out arbitrary awards? Awards that mean as much to them as theirs mean to us? Exactly, we can and will. Every week on Cop Blast Podcast we will be giving out random awards to random cop blockers. On Monday we announced our first winner Ademo Freeman of  Ademo was nominated by Scott Marshall of the Oath Accountability Project for the “Cop Blocker of the Quarter” award for his outstanding work in Parma, Ohio.

His nonstop work has not gone unnoticed by the Cop Block. Having just served 24 hours in a cage in Parma to prove the system would resort to kidnapping for revenue, we feel this award was a long time coming. So everyone congratulate Ademo for this prestigious award!

We are accepting nominations here. Tell us who you would like to nominate and what you are nominating them for.

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