San Bernardino Sheriffs Punch and Taze Multiple Individuals; SHOCKING VIDEO

UPDATE 9:45 am: The person who sent me this video, who wishes to remain anonymous, has verified that these ‘cops’ work for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

Address: 655 E 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92408

The video above was sent to me via the “ Contact Tab” and simply said, “There trying to hide what happen this day …I need your help.”

I reached out to the person who sent the email and hope they can shed more light on this video. From what we can see there are three individuals who are in some sort of scuffle with two police officers. From what outfit these cops are from is uncertain to me at this time. If you can ID these cops please contact us here.

Shortly after the video starts rolling the car shifts to a better location to view the interaction. Right away you see one of the officers punch the man with no shirt on several times. The man even says, “give me some more” as the officer continues to unleash blow after blow.

When a man in a grey hoodie and hat breaks in yelling, “STOP, STOP, STOP!” The officer stops punching the shirtless man and draws his taser. Yet, he doesn’t tase the man he’s been punching but the one trying to break the two up.

At that point all three men hit the ground as the third individual screams, “Why are you tasing him! Why, Why! I didn’t do shit to you. I didn’t do shit to you. You hit me!”

The situation is nearly under control when the shirtless man yells out to the cop who was just punching him, “Hey man, next time hit me harder than that. You hear me!”

Again, anyone with information is encouraged to reach out. I’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

If you’re active filming the police consider downloading Cell 411. This will not only allow you to livestream your police encounters but you can also ping your friends who can then come to assist you. Furthermore, Cell 411 can also send out your exact location meaning that it would be much easier for those of us watching to determine what police outfit this was. You can learn more about Cell 411 by watching the video below or visiting their site HERE.

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