Man Breaks World Record for Saying “F the Police” to Police (VIDEO)

Ok, there isn’t a world record for cursing out cops but if there was this man would probably be in the running for holding the record.

I have no idea why these two cops were talking to the man in the video above but he wasn’t going to take, or listen to, and of their crap. I suspect that the police either saw him walking, were called or he yelled something (maybe, “Fuck the Police”) at them before the camera started rolling. When it does start the officer on the left says, “Do you need police assistance?” That makes me believe it was the yelling something option as many times that’s what police say when they come to intimidate you for hollering at them.


That was the response to the question regarding the videographer needing police assistance. The “fuck yous” and “pigs” didn’t end there either as this guy clearly wasn’t giving any fucks. When asked what his name was he said, “None of your businesses.”

When the officer attempts to play along the man doesn’t miss a beat stating that his birthdate is “Fuck the Police.” The officer says, “So your name is None of Your Business and your date of birth is Fuck the Police??”

To which the man replies, “And shove it up your ass.”

Instant classic.

It calms down a bit after that until the officer asks, “How do I look?”

“Like a bitch. You guys ain’t shit without your badge. You guys know that.” Says the videographer.

Then the second best part comes when the man says that he believes the officers are Trump supporters. Thankfully the officers laughed but it does seem like a lot of cops are on board with Trump and he’s catering to them pretty hard (see video below).

After that the truth comes out and the videographer states that the police are just harassing him because he yelled “fuck the police” before the video started rolling. Thankfully the man had a camera and was able to keep the police intimidation at bay while continuing to exercise his freedom of speech.

PRO TIP: You do NOT want to say “Fuck the Police” or give them the finger without a video camera. More times than not you will be harassed just like this man was but without a camera it could lead to much different results. Even with a camera folks have been arrested, pepper sprayed and jailed for such actions. Also, consider downloading Cell 411 which will not only allow you to livestream but notify your freinds of your exact location in case they can assist you.

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