If Police Protect & Serve, Why Did This Officer Ignore A Sofa Being Dragged Down The Highway?

Warren v. District of Columbia set a precedent in which police officers are under NO obligation to protect and serve the community in which they work. So why then are people shocked to see a Durham Police Officer drive away from a potentially dangerous situation, as if nothing happened? It’s because police can care less about the safety of the public. Chances are, this officer was just ending his shift, or like others have claimed, Dunkin Donuts’ “hot and fresh” sign was blinking. Either way, the officer decided to act against public safety and interest and ignore the fact that a truck was dragging a sofa down the highway!

Of course, the motorist is probably the luckiest guy in the world. We’ve all seen what happens when police officers become involved in seemingly innocent situations, as it typically ends with the death of those he or she  has sworn to protect and serve.

Please, copsuckers, give me your excuse as to why this officer didn’t help a motorist in need?