Thank You For Your Service

The following message goes out to everybody who works day in and out in the private sector. You are the unsung heroes that make possible all of the best things in life.

Our way of life depends on the hard work of people just like you in the private industry sector. Too much praise goes to the politicians, public servants and bureaucrats that feed off our wealth while eroding our livelihoods, liberty and happiness. Too often we ignore the greatness that working folks just like you make possible. Our political systems and police state are beyond hope, yet people like you continue to bring progress and promise. It is not institutionalized violence that frees us, it is the fruit of laborers like you. So for all that you have done to contribute to our way of life, I thank you for your service!

And that is the absolute truth. Government does not earn or produce money in any way. It uses its armed thugs to force payment from our pockets in taxes, fines and a litany of fees and hidden costs so long it would take multiple lifetimes to suss them all out. This is the ultimate truth of the state. It has nothing. It gives nothing. It contributes nothing. It creates a fictitious Us by creating a fictitious Them which it promises to defend us against. It supplies endless enemies and problems from within and without for which it claims to be the only protection and solution. And in doing so it filters our wealth through itself, digesting and expelling some entirely, and channeling the rest into the pockets of its servants, administrators and those special interest monopolies that call the plays from the sideline. Then it tells us that it did it all for the good of society. But guess what…

Society is a social construct. It does not actually exist. It cannot be experienced objectively or subjectively. It is simply a word that people use to avoid recognition of the inherently aggressive nature of power structures. There is no society and never has been. There are only individuals. You are your own kingdom.

So from the kingdom of me to the kingdom of you, thank you for all of your hard work.

And if you think that others like you, peaceful non-government employees, deserve to hear words of gratitude for a lifetime of labor then here is how you can help. I have created easy to print documents which you can find below this paragraph. Each page contains four messages bearing an image and the message above in italics. You can print them at home or take them to a local printer, cut the pages into the four handouts, and then do just that. Hand them out. Carry some in your pocket or purse at all times so that every time you encounter a laborer of private industry you can hand them one of the flyers. Not only will it make both of you feel better about your day, but it will help spread and important empowering message to the real producers of greatness.

Thank You For Your Service PDF

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Hand them out to wait staff, cashiers, plumbers, bakers, factory workers…anybody who makes a living without parasitically leeching off the hard working taxpayers like you, who create the wealth those government-employed vampires suck from the lifeblood of our labors. Write your own personal message on the back if you wish. Or just borrow my idea and make your own flyer, in your own style. It is easy, costs almost nothing and can do a lot of good for a lot of people, so we hope you will participate in the Thank You For Your Service Project.

Taxation Is TheftJust remember, these flyers are not a replacement for a tip, and where it would otherwise be appropriate to leave a gratuity the flyer should serve as an accompaniment to your financial generosity and reciprocation. Outside of those who receive tips, most workers never get direct thanks for their service, so the unsung heroes of our quality of life are going to really appreciate the gesture.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions you can contact me at my Joshua Scott Hotchkin Facebook Page.

Thank you for your service.


Alia Atreides

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