Torrance, CA Police Use Lights to Blind CopBlocker’s Cameras (VIDEO)

The video above was sent to via the submission tab by Laura who, alonger with a friend, shines the disinfecting light of transparency on Torrance, CA police officers. In the video you see the officers not only mock the duo but they also use their flashlights and car lights to limit what they are able to record. According to Laura:

Foxy and I started recording the Torrance police who had a black couple on the curb in a Super 8 parking lot. Could not see very clearly, and multiple units drove up, pointed their spotlights at us (blinding us) and would then speed off, until the last unit, pointed their spotlight at us as they were leaving. We decided to approach the couple they had detained and let go to see what the stop was for. As we walked towards them the woman walked straight towards us as well, very upset. According to her the police had told them that we were recording the couple, and would likely post it to youtube and make money- so she demanded money from us at first, but I quickly corrected the lies the cops had just told them and we explained to them what we were doing.

– Laura

On thing I’d like to point out from this video is how the officers are the ones who were attempting to provoke the CopBlockers. This is an accusation those of us who film the police hear often. Yet, IMO, I’ve seen more cops attempt to wind up a CopBlocker than CopBlockers trying to wind up cops.

For example, cops love to tell people filming them to ‘back up’ but never clarify to where. This isn’t about safety because usually the CopBlocker is a safe distance away but still close enough to record, which is the real problem. The reason police officers to this is so they can charge you with disobeying an order from a police officer when you stand your ground or mouth off to them. It’s the same reason they use the light trick too, they want you to react so they can arrest you.

Want Liberty in your lifetime? Click banner to learn more about Free Keene.
Want Liberty in your lifetime? Click banner to learn more about Free Keene.

Of course this isn’t ALWAYS the case but more times than not, that’s for sure.

What’s even more funny is that the police who choose to use these tactics do not realize that doing so just proves our point. That police officers, who are public officials, do not like being recorded. Yet, as they say, if they aren’t doing anything wrong – and are really helping to better the community – then they shouldn’t have anything to hide. Are they ashamed when they are caught extorting drivers, searching cars or losing their cool?

Of course they are and that’s why they get butthurt when you record them. They know what they’re doing, no one can be in the LEO business for longer than a year and not see how backwards it is.


Ademo Freeman

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