Officer McNutt and Cumlately Arrest Man for Riding Bike on Sidewalk; No Joke

UPDATE 4/25/16 11:22 am: Today “Cough Man” reached out to me via Facebook to clarify the charges and notify me of his upcoming court date. As it turns out Cough Man was never ticketed for ‘failure to ID’ or the ‘bowl’ found on his persons (because it was brand new, just a glass pipe). Instead he was only issued a ticket for “driving a bicycle on a sidewalk” and intends to take it to court. There he’ll argue that he was not driving anything but riding and seek to have the court show jurisdiction over him for his crimes. I’ll update this after his May 6th court date.

The video above was sent to via the submission tab by “Cough Man” who was recently arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

In what seems better suited for a Seth Rogan film the story line here is hilarious, pathetic and eye opening just like his movies.

Cough Man was riding his bike on the sidewalk when he claims Officer McNutt cut him off nearly causing him to fall off his bike. At that point McNutt stopped Cough Man and proceeded to ask for his identification. That’s when Cough Man started recording the encounter with his phone.

The video does cut out of a second but resumes within a minute. It’s worth watching until the end.

Cough Man states that he doesn’t believe riding a bike on the sidewalk should be a crime and challenges McNutt to show him the law. McNutt isn’t having it and before he loses his cool Cough Man asks for a supervisor to come to the scene. A short while later supervisor Johnny Cumlately (correct spelling unknown) arrives on the scene.

Let me stop right there for a minute.


Thus far we have a man identified as “Cough Man” being detained by Officer’s McNutt and Johnny Cumlately for riding his bike on the sidewalk. I want to assure you that this is not a prank, spoof or made up story of any sorts. It seems that there are really two officers with these last names and they do in fact use their time as protectors of the community to stop people for riding their bikes on the sidewalk.

Now that we’re all on the same page I’ll continue.

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Johnny Cumlately clarifies that Concord does in fact have a ridiculous law that makes it illegal to ride your bike on a sidewalk. At that time Johnny Cumlately again asks Cough Man if he’s going to provide ID or if he’d rather be arrested for riding his bike on the sidewalk.

Cough Man states that he rather remain silent and is immediately arrested. He then tells the officers that, “this is very nice guys thank you.” After arresting him they duo of McNutt andJohnny Cumlately find a ‘bowl’ (term for marijuana pipe) on Cough Man making this story even more bizarre.

Now I agree that riding a bike on the sidewalk shouldn’t be illegal but if I had a bowl in my pocket I would probably have elected to provide ID instead of catching a charge for it. Nevertheless, I’m at a loss of words over this story. Mostly with McNutt andJohnny Cumlately who most certainly have better things to do than harass people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk. Especially since it was McNutt, according to Cough Man, who put someone in danger.

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