Bexar County Sheriff’s Intimidate, Detain and Assault Man with Video Camera

Bexar County Sheriff’s department was featured here at last September when two of their employees were caught on video shooting a man who clearly had his hands up in the air. Of course the deputies dodged an indictment and continue to prowl the streets. Now, I’m not sure if that case is why but these deputies, like many other LEO’s, seem to be holding a grudge against people with cameras.

In the video above (below as well) you’ll see not one, not two but THREE Bexar County sheriff’s approach “TXSHEEPDOG” (TXS) as he attempts a first amendment audit on the 4th precinct (justice of the peace constable) of the Bexar County sheriff’s department. According to TXS’s YouTube description:

I conducted a first amendment audit and was subsequently arrested and released. Another case of officers trying to charge someone with a crime because they don’t like what I am doing. This is a preview…..more to come as soon as I obtain body cam and security footage. Please contact the constables office and express your thoughts.

While Jones (Badge #1425; deputy in car) was the best of the three, acknowledging one’s right to record in public space, he was visibly displeased with TXS when he declined to notify the people inside of his presence. Jones even said, “So much for that” as he drove off and I’m not sure if that was implying that not doing it will have negative results or what? I also wonder if Jones was trying to set up TXS because cameras, as we found out later in the video, are not allowed inside that building.

Querrero was the second deputy to approach TXS asking, “How can I help you?”

“You can’t” responds TXS.

Stating he doesn’t need any help seems to perplex Querrero as he states, “seems you’re recording the public. That cool, you can do that. And you’re name sir? Do you have ID on you?” The deputy clearly is trying to intimidate or provoke TXS with his sarcastic comments about ‘working for him’ and ‘that’s what you want me to do, I’ll do it.’

After that TXS attempts to get a public information request where he the sheriff’s start to give him the runaround about his cameras. That is when he meets ‘Captain’ A. N. Burford who doesn’t miss a step, literally, in going with the intimidation tactics as he stands within inches of the camera. He then goes on to state that cameras aren’t allowed inside per the ‘rules’ and that he can get his form at the library.

Not pleased with the response TXS opens the door and continues to question the deputies whom are denying him access to public records. This clearly upsets Burford as he storms back and physically assaults TXS while stealing his camera. As stated in the video the later TXS is detained but only for a little while. He’s eventually let go, without his camera, and even allowed to stay in the building.

Ladies and gentleman, this is what a police state looks like. Bexar County Precinct #4 isn’t the only government building that doesn’t allow cameras inside of it. I find it hard to believe that anyone, in the year 2016, can be against people filming proceedings that happen in building labeled as public buildings. Where everyone who works within them is paid for by tax dollars. How can having a camera in a courtroom require media credentials (plus, anyone with a camera is media IMO)?

The fact that this still takes place is mind boggling, yet, thankfully there are guys out there like TXSheepDog who let us know where these camera hating cops are!


Bexar County Constable PCT 4
Constable Robert “Mike” Blount
2711 SE Loop 410
San Antonio, Texas 78222
Phone: (210) 335-4950
Fax: (210) 335-4970



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