Butthurt Sheriff Complains His Deputies Are The Real Victims, Not The 3 Dead Kids

On March 31, three teenagers in Florida died after a high-speed chase when their vehicle crashed into a pond.  Many news agencies ran stories concerning whether or not the deputies did all they could do to save the drowning kids. The dash cam videos released by Pinellas Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, didn’t help with the situation.

Here is an excerpt from Fox News:

Three teenage girls were found dead inside of a stolen car after it was driven into a pond. The incident occurred on March 31st while the teens were attempting to flee officers. A deputy spotted the car operating without headlights and tried to stop it, when they fled. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri says the driver missed a sharp turn near a cemetery and went into the water. Now newly released dash cam video is raising questions about whether officers stood by and did nothing.

The New York Daily News included a transcript in their story, in which one deputy said the kids were dead, but another deputy said he could hear them:

“They’re done,” a deputy said in the one-minute clip. “They’re done. They are 6-7, dude.”

I thought I heard yelling,” another one said.

But now, they’re done. They’re done,” the first deputy said.

The list of news agencies that reported on this story are numerous. A simple google search reveals thousands of news stories. So how is it that EVERYONE could get this story wrong, according to Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. In a video posted to Pinellas’ YouTube, Sheriff Bob ranted for several minutes about how the media should ‘trust’ his deputies. However, in the past, dozens of his deputies have been either arrested or convicted of sexual abuse, molesting children, spousal abuse, domestic violence, manslaughter, cheating/lying … and the list goes on and on. So forgive me, and the hundreds of other news agencies, for failing to ignore his deputies; past criminal actions and just blindly trusting anything that comes out of his department.

Here is the initial video released by Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. In the video (which doesn’t show much), you can hear deputies say the girls have to be dead. Nothing in this video suggests the officers attempted a rescue:



Another video was released, which showed two deputies who had removed their clothes. According to the sheriff, they did so when they attempted a rescue, but no video exists showing any rescue attempts: