UPDATE: New Video Shows Police Beating Woman, Prior To Beating Her At The Jail

Too many times, I’ve heard police departments say, “Wait until you get the whole story before rushing to judgement”. Well, the story is in, and it the makes Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office look even worse after a new video has surfaced showing their officer beating a woman.

Earlier today, I brought you a story of Officer Akinyemi Borisade being fired for beating an handcuffed woman, 31-year-old Mayra Alejandra Martinez. I must admit, when I watched the video, I was wondering what was going through Martinez’s mind. I justified her kicking at the officer because he had shoved her against the wall. Now that he entire story is in, I have no doubt that the victim was in “fear for her life”.

The Florida-Times Union (Jacksonville.com) reported the complete story about the events that lead up to the jailhouse beating. As it turns out, the victim in this case was outside a bar, where she was allegedly intoxicated.  Police were called to the scene. According to the police, she became irate and uncooperative (and we all know that police never lie, right?). Shockingly, the responding officer was the same violent, and now fired officer, that beat her at the jail!

In the video above, you can see police officers violently beat the victim, and then smash her head into the pavement.

From Jacksonville.com,

Officers responded to the bar about 4:50 p.m. after a reported dispute between an employee and management, Ivey said. She was asked to leave and was later arrested on charges of trespassing and resisting officers with violence. Martinez told arriving officers she had suddenly been told to leave and still had personal belongings inside, including her purse, the report said. When the officers, including Borisade, told her she was being trespassed from the property, she became irate and belligerent.

She appeared intoxicated and refused another warning to leave. When she was told she was being arrested, she began pulling away and swinging her arms, according to the report. Borisade and the other officer took her to the ground, and she allegedly began kicking and biting. Officer Borisade struck her in the lower back until she stopped resisting, the report said. She continued to kick on the way to the patrol car and inside at the windows and doors.

Christian Hancok, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said that the woman was not hospitalized and the officers who stood and watched would not be disciplined.

Witnessing a crime does not constitute a crime. They would have been questioned about the incident as any other witness to a crime would be. The reporting of this incident was almost instantaneous.

Jailhouse Beating Video

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