Incompetent Cop Releases K9 In Crowd And It Attacks An Innocent Bystander

The Petersburg Police Department (Virginia) has had a long history of complaints. Just a couple years ago, they made the news over assaulting a teenager for filming the police, on his own property. At the time of the assault, the  young man was actually standing on his own front porch. Now, it seems the incompetent police officers of the Petersburg Police Department are not well trained in the use of a K9.

On April 30, Brandon Barner was recording a live video on Facebook, when local police officers were called to investigate a fight that had occurred nearby. According to the police department, the officers were questioning a suspect in the case when he ran. By then, a large crowd of onlookers had formed – a crowd filled with women and small children.

It was at this point that a police officer released the K9 from his patrol car, sending the dog out in full attack mode into the crowd of bystanders. Of course the K9 didn’t know who he was supposed to attack. Unfortunately, the dog attacked Rafer Allen, an innocent bystander who was simply trying to get the children out of the way of this out-of-control animal.

I stood there like I’m going to take the bite. I don’t [have any other] choice. I’m not about to run. He’s too close up on me. When I fell to the ground, I’m looking at the police officer, telling him, ‘Get your dog! Get your dog off me.’

Allen went on to say that the dog refused to let go when the officer commanded it to, so the officer had to choke the dog to force it to stop.

The local news station, NBC12, asked the Petersburg police what was the proper protocol when it comes to releasing a K9 into a crowd of people. A police spokesperson said she couldn’t answer that – at least until the internal affairs investigation has concluded.