Kansas City Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Excessive Force

A former Kansas City police officer accused of excessive force during an arrest has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of harassment. Shannon D. Hansen, 46, of Kansas City, pleaded guilty Friday in Jackson County Circuit Court to the charge, which stems from an arrest two years ago. The incident was captured on dashcam video.

Officer Hansen, who resigned from the Kansas City Police Department in July, was sentenced to two years of probation along with 30 days of “shock time” in jail for the excessive force incident. (Shock Time when a judge orders a convicted offender, like Officer Hansen, to prison for a short time and then suspends the remainder of the sentence in favor of probation and/or community service, fines, etc.)

“As peace officers and public servants, we have a responsibility to always act with integrity and conduct ourselves in a professional manner, no matter the circumstances,” Chief Darryl Forté said in a release. “Police face incredibly difficult situations every day, but we are held to a high standard of service by both the community and each other.”

The case involved the May 2, 2014, arrest of Manuel Palacio, who pleaded guilty to stealing and is serving a five-year prison sentence. Palacio sued Kansas City police in December, saying they used excessive force. In addition to naming Hansen, the lawsuit named Officer Jacob Harris and Sgt. Todd Hall. Hall is no longer with the department. Harris remains on administrative assignment while the case is being reviewed.

According to court documents:

Police were investigating an alleged armed robbery. After talking with the victim, officers spotted Palacio near Independence and East Cypress avenues, and he matched the description of the robber. Dashcam video shows a police car driven by Hansen coming up from behind and bumping Palacio with its bumper as he was walking away. The video also shows Harris and Hansen approach Palacio and attempt to take him into custody. Hansen can be seen striking Palacio in his upper body several times with a closed fist.

After Palacio is placed in handcuffs, Hansen uses his knee to press on Palacio’s body during a search. Hansen can be seen applying increasing weight to Palacio’s body. After the search, Hansen can be heard telling Palacio: “You’re not only going to get an (expletive) whooping from us, but you’re getting it from him (the robbery victim).

“I’m giving him your address, and your mom’s (expletive) address, and everybody address that you know. And I hope his family comes over and takes a (expletive) ball bat to your (expletive) head.”