The Manchester New Hampshire Police Department Condones Theft

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Manchester PD is Full of Thieves

When visiting Manchester, NH to investigate a phone stolen by police, we ran into some undercover cops who refused to identify and threatened us with arrest, and had an officer refuse to take a complaint, JP Freeman sent Manchester PD a legal notice to quit all illegal and harassing activities. Because of this, Captain Tessier, Assistant Police Chief of Manchester PD, contacted NH Regional in order to have a meeting and take down the complaints that Lt. Useless (aka Lt. Mucci) refused to take.

With Capt. Tessier talking to JP and I both together and separately, the meeting took over an hour. The complaints were taken, however, a bigger issue emerged. Capt. Tessier, along with many other officers on the city force believes it is OK to take a person’s phone when they record a police interaction for evidence. This is a clear fourth amendment violation and we will be pressing the issue with the county attorney in order to make sure this mindset does not remain.

Below is the video introduction to the meeting, a video recording of most of it, and an audio recording of the last 30 minutes.

Embedded below you’ll see the receipts for the complaints we put on Lt. Mucci (Useless) and the four undercover cops. Officers Battistelli, Karoul, Horn and Joyal.

Manchester PD Civilian Complaint

Manchester Police Civilian Complaint

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