Does “Civilians Against CopBlock” Admin – “Liv” – Vociferously Defend Child Abusers?

While one of my goals is to hold police officers accountable and installing significant reforms in a profession that has allowed too many of its members to misbehave, enact disproportionate violence against American citizens and rob people of their hard earned, legally obtained money, that’s not the case for those that oppose the idea that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.”

All the sites out there know who we are now – Blue Lives Matter, Police One, but one of the smaller ones puts their mission right in its name – Civilians Against CopBlock (CACB). As with CopBlock, that site is manned by several administrators, and one of their most prolific voices is one who goes by the moniker “Liv”. Liv is fast to mock CopBlock’s 1.6 million Facebook followers, it’s goals in general and seems to have a particularly misanthropic, nasty demeanor – for example, she cannot seem to get enough of CACB’s “Taser Tuesdays” in which the site posts video of somebody getting tasered repeatedly by law enforcement and falling down hysterically or pissing their pants. She uses that “crying with laughter” emoji a lot in that context.

Liv relishes in bringing up the Adam Rupeka case, but she and CACB ignore the hundreds of sworn police officers in America who are charged and convicted with sex crimesoftentimes against children – annually. You’ll notice that it’s very very rare for CopBlock admins to ban a jingoistic, fingers jammed in their ears pro-cop troll but CACB does it on the daily. Many of us have tried to be reasonable, civil, speak to them without profanity in an attempt to relay just how many cops are engaged in that kind of vile behavior and within a post or two, we are banned from their site.

That’s fine. Their prerogative. But I also feel it’s my duty to at least inform the readers here of what kind of persons

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you’re dealing with at CACB (sound familiar?). What kind of people are mocking you, lobbing insults, ignoring the duplicitous behavior of too many in American law enforcement today? Because believe us, CACB does not “debunk”, as they say, even a fraction of the stories that run on Cop Block – certainly not when one factors in the Visitor’s Posts section, where one can find 8-10 brand new credible links per day of LEO’s engaged in illegal conduct.

Not only does CACB Admin “Liv” IGNORE the brutal crimes against women and children of cops such as Daniel Holtzclaw, Thomas Sylvia, Daniel Rush, Derren Tomlinson and literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of others…Liv DEFENDS them.

In 2012, Officer Anthony Whitehead was indicted on charges of abusing his 9 year old daughter. This was hardly Whitehead’s first brush with brutality and abuse. He was also in trouble in 2008, when he was accused, and found guilty, of using excessive force during a routine traffic stop where the subject was compliant and Whitehead was trying to get him to fight. This on top of numerous concerns in his file of disciplinary problems.

So how does Liv from Civilians Against CopBlock come into this? Well, her real name is Tracey Womack, aka Tracey Elkins, a former officer with the Murfreesboro Police Department. In one documented source, Tracey can be found vehemently defending Officer Whitehead. We’ve also found other officers from that department, convicted of crimes against children, cases you’ll never find Civilians Against CopBlock acknowledge, while continuing to beat the Adam Rupeka horse into the ground.

Now hey, maybe Whitehead deserves support, even with his other infractions taken into account – I honestly don’t know, I wasn’t there. We weren’t there. But that’s a luxury authoritarian, sanctimonious, ISIS-lite hatriots like Tracey Womack/Liv don’t extend to others. We get a lot of criticism for the comments section here – and indeed there are many comments not all of us writers/admins agree with. I don’t want any cops dead, sorry, but glass houses, CACB. I’ve seen calls for torture and castration against newly arrested individuals, race baiting, mocking people who’ve OD’d on drugs – endless streams of cruelty and hatred at your site and others like it.Banner - cell 411

Recently, a sergeant with her own Murfreesboro Police Department was charged in an ongoing child porn investigation. Sergeant Kevin Dunn faces five counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, but you’ll never hear them talk about or “debunk” that.

Comments sections are often filled with knuckleheads…at any and all websites. But CACB seems to have at least one admin who, well, giving them a taste of their own medicine, sure likes defending grown men who beat the snot out of 9 year old girls. What say you, Liv? Or should I say, Tracey Womack, of Murfreesboro, Tennessee?



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