Indiana State Police Sergeant Sued Federally for Stalking

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May 12, 2016
Sgt Jennifer Holt
Indiana State Police

•Federal lawsuit ref. Harassment/Stalking/intimidation with the state-owned and issued vehicles and equipment. State and federal violations and a blatant abuse of authority. A federal lawsuit was filed against this ISP sergeant on May 11, 2016• This officer’s actions and illegal acts are far worse than asking someone what church they attend. What has been exhibited by this officer is shameful, disgusting and unlawful. Holt has well over a 10 year pattern of serious misconduct which includes ghost employment, falsifying official documents, perjury, sleeping and have sex on duty, misuse of state and federal equipment and law enforcement programs, harassment, intimidation, stalking, retaliation.

Suspect Sgt Jennifer Holt ISP

Every attempt was made to have this investigated and resolved back in May of 2015. Sgt. Holt’s victim contacted the Carmel Police Department and requested assistance in reporting the incident(s). The victim gave the officer Chad Weigman the information that he needed for a report to be taken, even providing him with the names of the persons involved and even offered the recordings that the victim had in her possession at that time. This investigation was not handled properly; no report was ever taken, the information provided was not forwarded to an investigator for review, nor were there any additional attempts made to contact the victim for further assistance or an updated status on the case. No one asked for statements from the people in the victim’s life who had witnessed the constant harassment she had been subjected to.

Since the month of May 2015, when the victim attempted to report these crimes, the situation only escalated and as a result has grown into what it is now. There have been approximately 3 incidents where ISP Sgt. Jen Holt has initiated very public verbal confrontations. These confrontations did in fact catch the attention of those within the general area. After one of Jen Holt’s very public outbursts, a neighbor who was laying out at the pool even asked “What was that all about?” On one of the other confrontations at the pool, another witness noted that Sgt. Holt seemed “angry.” The victim has never approached Sgt. Holt to speak with her and has made no attempts to communicate with her, nor has she attempted to initiate any sort of conversation or confrontation with her. The exchanges were all initiated by Sgt. Holt out of anger and a lack of self-control. Sgt Holt had figured out her victims daily schedule and has made it a point to appear in places where she knows that she will be. Holt has made comments to her victim that she will “ruin her life”, she has stated to the victim that “She is predictable”, (noting that she had figured out her schedule and again exactly where she would be) She has been victim to some sort of either harassment or intimidation on a daily basis. When Holt has confronted her victim, she has made it clear that she does not want any sort of contact with her. The victim had told Holt to stop and in response, Holt stated, “I’m not going to stop, I don’t have to.” She has absolutely refused to allow her victim to live in peace and will not leave her alone.

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One of the very verbal and angry confrontations that Jen Holt initiated occurred at the pool area on August 8th, 2015. When Sgt Holt initiated this confrontation, her victim was attempting to leave the pool area to get away from her. Prior to that, she was sitting quietly at a table reading a book and was alone. As the victim attempted to leave the area, she walked on the opposite side of the pool, she did not come close to Sgt Holt, her girlfriend Betsy Childers Lewis, or their property, nor did she even make eye contact. It was ISP Sgt Holt who initiated the confrontation. She approached the victim in a very aggressive and angry tone and would not allow her victim to simply leave in peace. It was also on this day that Sgt Holt stated to the victim that she was going to ruin her life. It was also during this confrontation that Holt made it known that she had been cyber stalking the victim on the Internet and Facebook. Holt had been using her girlfriend, Betsy Childers Lewis Facebook page to look up and even contacting the victims friends who had posted on her page. She had even gone so far as to contact the victim’s friends in an attempt to obtain personal information, specifically her phone number and made inquiries about her intimate relationship. The victim was able to confirm this information with two of her friends who came forward about these intrusive probe. The victims friends stated that they did in fact receive an unwanted and unwelcome and email from Betsy Childers Lewis asking for personal information on the victim. The victim’s friend stated that the inqiry made her extremely uncomfortable. In the one-sided “investigation” that Det. Zellers (Carmel PD) conducted, the victim attempted to provide her with this information and she declined it. She wanted nothing to do with any of the evidence that she had, the witnesses who could confirm these accounts or those who were aware of the ongoing and continuing harassment. She took no interest at all in investigating the victims complaint. She failed to see the danger and seriousness in all of this, even stating that this entire incident was “high school.” Audio recordings from the victim can confirm this. The victim was also able to obtain documents that confirmed that Sergeant Holt was in fact cyber stalking the victim on a daily basis. There were occasions when Sgt Holt would visit the victim’s Facebook page 19 times in one day. Holt was taking screenshots and even documenting on the victim’s daily movements and who she interacted with online. There is proof of this for the media.

Holt’s victim also made it known that she was being harassed during her daily, physician ordered activities. She during many occasions has been unable to even utilize the amenities of this neighborhood due to the fact that Holt has constantly recording her victim on her cell phones. They recorded the victim as she rode her bike through her own neighborhood. There was no lawful reason for Holt to follow her victim around the neighborhood or record her actions when she was not bothering anyone. She was not breaking any laws or even neighborhood association bylaws. The use of the victims bike has been suggested and recommended by each and every one of the doctors that the victim has sought treatment with and is at this time the only form of acceptable exercise that she can participate in. That bike is an essential part of her treatment and therapy. Without being able to perform the specific activities in reference to physical therapy, Holt’s victim lives a life that is full of constant and chronic pain. What Holt has done, the constant harassment, threats and intimidation have affected the victim both mentally and physically. Holt’s victim has ordered her to stop, but she has refused.

The victim of Holt’s harassment has also received several magazine subscriptions that she did not order. In the last two years, over 20 magazines have been delivered to the victim’s home that she did not order. Upon investigating where these subscriptions originated from, the companies were able to provide information stating that they were created online through a personal submission form. The subscriptions were created with a fake email address that was not the victim, a fraudulent domain name and the subscriptions were ordered with the victim’s name, a fraudulent company and her current address.

Holt has also filed online malicious complaints to the victims HOA. These were false and malicious complaints about the victims bike and one for a gas grill being on her balcony. The victim does not own a gas grill or any grill for that matter and her bike has never been an issue and her writing behavior complies with that of the law in the neighborhood homeowners association rules and bylaws. Holt filed these complaints maliciously against her victim with the intent to harass.

ISP Sgt Jennifer Holt has undoubtedly harassed the victim and has admitted to cyber stalking her victim online. The victim requested for the Carmel Police Department to conduct a thorough criminal investigation. She requested that a check on the internet and data history on Holt’s accounts should be conducted. Holt has bragged and has even made it known that she has been searching for information on her victim. Through her own stalking, Holt was able to obtain a large amount of personal information on her life, her family, friends and even her current relationship through her searches. What Holt has done is a complete invasion of an individual’s privacy and crossed a line of criminal when she contacted the victim’s friends and made personal inquiries that she had no right to. This ISP trooper had gone out of her way to make the victim’s family, neighbors and friends frightened and extremely uncomfortable.

What Sgt Holt has done, how many searches she has attempted and even as many times as she has visited are victims Facebook page defines what the word “obsession” truly means. Holt’s victim has made it completely clear more times than anyone should have to that she is not welcome or wanted in her life. Holt’s continuous probes are not only harassing, alarming and annoying to her victim, but also to her friends that Holt has made unwanted contact with.

Banner - cell 411In regards to the federal lawsuit against Jennifer Holt, she has abused of her police powers, issued government property as well as her IDACS and NCIC privileges to rest and close we are to her victim. Sgt. Holt has instructed fellow officers to conduct criminal checks ran on her victim through these systems. In July, 2014 both Sgt Holt, girlfriend; Betsy Childers Lewis and a fellow Indiana State trooper identified as Shana Kennedy came to the victim’s home. They arrived in their squad cars. Holt was driving her unmarked black Dodge charger and seated in the passenger seat was her girlfriend Betsy Childers Lewis. Arriving in a marked police unit was trooper Shana Kennedy. Her marked ISP unit was equipped with a license plate reader. Either Holt or fellow trooper Kennedy were invited and most certainly were not welcome to the victim’s home or property. They proceeded to drive up and down the victim’s street in their squad cars (both armed at the time) looking for the victim at her residence. Both Holt and Kennedy were in fact in plain clothes and not acting within the scope of their duties. It was their intent to come to the victims home to intimidate, harassed and cause her fear. Both Holt and Kennedy proceeded to drive past and even sat in the victims driveway. Holt even parked her unmarked Dodge charger outside of the victim’s home; in a neighbors driveway where she remained for several minutes. Holt then rejoined trooper Kennedy in an overflow parking section outside of the victim’s home refusing to leave. It was during this time that the information relayed from the license plate check ran from trooper Kennedy’s license plate reader was relayed to Sergeant Holt. This is confidential information that was ran through state and federal programs, more specifically IDACS and NCIC. This confidential information was also relayed to a civilian who is not certified to receive it, this is not only a violation of their IDACS user agreement, but is a federal violation through NCIC. The civilian was once again identified as Betsy Childers Lewis, Holt’s girlfriend who was seated in her passenger seat at the time. Their misuse of the federal program NCIC is in fact a federal offense.
The victim has made it known to the Carmel police department as well as the Indiana State police that she does in fact fear Sergeant Holt. The victim made it known to both agencies that she feared Holt due to issues concerning the domestic violence towards the end of their relationship. The victim provided information in regards to Holt’s issues with anger and that she does have a history of violence.

During the relationship between Holt and her victim, Holt made it known that as a teenager, she had been involved in a number of physical altercations and admitted to being completely out of control. She stated that much like now, she “did what she wanted and no one could stop her.” Holt even admitted to her victim that she caused serious bodily injury to people in her past. She bragged about an altercation she had been involved in where she nearly beat a girl to death. Rather than showing remorse or any sort of concern for this victim, Holt boasted, bragged about it and even said “she got what she deserved.”

Holt’s victim has been subjected to and has been on the receiving end of her violent behavior. Sgt Holt is the type of person that when she gets angry, she cannot be talked down. From the victim’s own personal experience, she stated that “when you are on the receiving end of a rage, she will not stop until she is satisfied that she has punished you.”

The victim went on to state, “Under no circumstances would I even think to approach her or to try to initiate any sort of conversation. I have been on the receiving end of constant harassment, intimidation and threats. And in regards to her threats, I have absolutely no doubt that she is capable of following through with them.”

Holt has continued to abuse her position and authority as a police officer by continuing to harass her victim. She has used her unmarked Dodge charger, which is her issued police vehicle to intentionally drive by her victims house in the middle of the night. Doing a U-turn in the middle of a primary roadway, traveling around a concrete median to even get to the victim’s home. Videos show Holt driving by the victim’s home slowly, braking in front of it and shining a light towards the interior, Holt is using a bright LED light that she has attached to her state issued commission to shine on the victim, towards the victim’s home and her personal property during nighttime hours. This type of harassment has been consistent, she knows that it is causing her victim fear. Sgt Holt has been asked to stop, yet she refuses. Holt has made it a point to pass her victim, or the victims home in the middle of the night to showing her bright LED light in order to cause fear an alarm. During these times she is in her police vehicle, which is state-owned equipment, she is in full uniform and armed at the time. The victim is terrified of Holt. She Is fully aware of this and seems to be feeding off of the fear, anxiety and alarm that she is causing. A large majority of these incidents have been recorded. The victim has also received assistance from neighbors, friends and has even hired a private investigator to photograph and record Holt during the commission of these crimes.

Holt has also used her police vehicle in a manner that has endangered the victim’s personal safety and life. She has use this police field goal recklessly; to swerve, pull out towards, and even cut her victim off at specific intersections. Holt has waited in her police vehicle for the victim to pass on her bicycle and will pull out towards her or record her as she rides by. While utilizing this state issued police vehicle, Holt has even shouted vulgar and inappropriate words and statements towards the victim. Who else has even made specific threats to harm the victim as she rides her bicycle. A document was obtained where a threat was made to throw down stop sticks to cause the victim to crash while riding her bicycle.

Holt has gone out of her way to find the victim and interject herself into her victims daily life using this state-owned equipment. Holt will travel on roadways that her own department has restricted her from just to drive by and record her victim from this vehicle. She has knowingly and intentionally violated a direct order given to her by her own department. She will drive her police vehicle by he victim slowly as a means to frighten and intimidate.

The victim’s safety should be that of a first priority and that’s the last thing ISP has done when the victim came forward to file a complaint reference this harassment and intimidation. The victim at times has been so frightened by Holt’s illegal behavior that she has been forced to go into hiding. The victim expressed to us that for months she was too afraid to leave her home and was living her life in constant fear. She expressed that the fear Holt has caused has turned her life and what she described ” a living hell.”

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With Holt continuing to abuse her position as a police officer and in that she has been enabled to commit these crimes with a police vehicle, the victim lives in constant and daily fear. She has expressed to us that she has no doubt that if given the opportunity, Jennifer Holt will in fact hurt her. Jennifer Holt has retaliated against her victim for reporting her misconduct and to this day continues to punish her for that. This case and lawsuit are very similar to that of IMPD officers Kim Carmack and Ryan Anders. As you recall, off to Ryan Anders killed then ex-wife Kimberly Carmack in a murder suicide. It wasn’t until Anders killed his estranged wife in cold blood that people paid attention. The public and the media doesn’t know the type of history that Holt has in reference to violence, but the victim does. Holt has established a very clear and very dangerous pattern of harassment and stalking that not only continues, but is once again escalating.

The federal lawsuit filed with The United States District Court/Southern District of Indiana was filed against certain Jennifer Holt and the Indiana State police on May 11, 2016. Holt has abused her position as a police officer. She has misused state-owned and issued equipment to not only harass, but intimidate her victim. Holt has altered her police vehicle by adding a bright LED light to shine on the victim, the victim’s home and her property during nighttime hours to cause her alarm, anxiety and fear. Holt has been asked and even ordered to stop, but she refuses. Holt has been in full uniform, in her police vehicle and has been armed during the commission of these crimes. She has utilized fellow officers in their marked police units to sit outside of the victims home, to run her information unlawfully. Federal and state issued law enforcement resources and programs have been abused by her and fellow officer to obtain personal information on her victim, the victims family and friends for their own personal use. Holt has also used her police vehicle in a manner that has endangered the victims personal safety and life. She has used this police vehicle recklessly; to swerve, pull out towards, and even cut her victim off at specific intersections. While utilizing this police vehicle, Holt has even shouted vulgar and inappropriate statements and words towards the victim. This is not only a blatant disregard of Indiana State police policies and procedures, but her behavior is unlawful. The media and public need to be exposed to this federal lawsuit and the behavior of this rogue Indiana State police trooper.



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