Oakland Cops Go Family Style On Dispatchers Underage Daughter

Last September, Oakland PD Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide. Before he did so he left a damning confession implicating himself and other officers in a sex scandal involving a girl who was 16 at the time that she began having relationships with several officers on the force where her mother worked as a dispatcher.The woman, now 18 or 19, has begun revealing more about these relationships on social media. According to the San Francisco CBS affiliate:

An internal affairs investigation is underway focusing on several Oakland police officers who allegedly had sex with an underage girl.

Sources told KPIX 5 the internal affairs investigation centers around a young woman named Celeste Guap, who was underage at the time. She recently began revealing details of her relationships with officers on her Facebook page.

Guap is currently either 18 or 19 years old, according to sources, who also say investigators believe Guap had sex with potentially dozens of police officers beginning when she was 16.

On her Facebook page, Guap suggests she is involved in the sex scandal, but says she never snitched on anybody.

She said she had “harmless relationships” within the police department.

As recently as last month, Guap posted a picture of Oakland police officers dropping her off near her home.

“Took me back to Richmond in style,” she wrote.

In another post, she says the only officer she messed with while underage is sadly gone.

Oakland Police Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide last September about a year after his wife’s death was also ruled a suicide.

Investigators say O’Brien left a note that lead to an initial internal affairs investigation.

A subsequent investigation ordered by a federal judge led to many Oakland police officers admitting they had lied during the first internal affairs investigation about their relationships with Guap.

Sources say one officer also admitted to knowing she was underage when he had sex with her.

Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Johnna Watson said only that there is an investigation underway involving three officers, but wouldn’t give any specifics.

Nonetheless, Watson admits it’s another black mark for the department.

“We are entrusted by the community to protect, to serve them and to uphold the law. So we take the allegations very seriously,” said Watson.

Guap’s mother works with the police officers as a dispatcher with the Oakland Police Department.

In addition to the internal investigation, there is an ongoing criminal investigation happening in connection with the activities of the officers.

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There have numerous reports of predatory sexual behaviors by police around the nation recently. Police culture is a cesspool of ideologies about dominance and fake, showy masculinity. This leads to all sorts of violence and sexual deviance.

And while I disagree that an arbitrary number should dictate when an individual has the right to consent to sexual activity, the fact is that these men all support a legal framework in which what they did was clearly out of line. Not to mention, pulling a train on a co-workers teenage daughter is just plain fucking creepy.

And as for the copsucker herself, even years of therapy aren’t going to get the taste of piglust out of her mouth.

Alia Atreides

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