Man Completely Owns Linn Valley Police Officer AND Inspires New CopBlock Flyer (VIDEO)

Collin Vaughn, of Linn Valley, Kansas, was driving around town doing usual Monday afternoon activities with his kid when he noticed something interesting. At the local Golf Course was a vehicle used by the “City Code Enforcer” who probably should have been at “work” or so thought Vaughn anyways.

That’s why Vaughn decided to record a little clip of the public official on his golf outing which prompted a call to police. Usually that would deter most people from bringing to light such government abuses but not Vaughn. He’s had a number of run ins with ‘officer’ Joseph Rogers, of the Linn Valley Police Department, so many that he got a protection order granted against him earlier this year (see below).

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While the protection order was lifted two weeks ago, it most likely wouldn’t apply while Rogers is in his magic costume anyways. Yet, you have to wonder what Rogers has been doing to Vaughn that a Judge would grant such request against a cop in the first place; especially in a small town. Nevertheless, Rogers was called to deal with Vaughn and pulls him over shortly after leaving the golf course.

Below is the video of their interaction. Note, that the SD card was of low quality and therefore an audio/video sync problem occurred for this video.

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Personally I love Vaughn’s tactics here and feel they’re perfect for the situation at hand. He knows this officer and has a history with him. Therefore, he knows that answering any of Rogers’s questions could easily provide him what he needs to charge, ticket or jail him. Choosing to not answer questions puts the burden of proof, or probable cause of a crime having been committed, on the officer and, as you seen in the video,  will usually work in your favor.

Of course cops have a number of catch all charges but with the video going it’s more difficult to make those stick with just a false report.

Another great tactic used by Vaughn is his self made flyer with six simple, straightforward points. I’ve seen these for DUI or Immigration checkpoints, where travelers state they’d like to preserve their right to travel freely and not answer questions or subject themselves to searches, but this one covers all traffic stops.

I liked it so much that I asked a CopBlock Network contributor to give it some color, CopBlock branding and a the Welcome LEO’s URL to the bottom. It wasn’t long before Joshua stepped up and created the flyer below.


Vaughn’s three step tactic for traffic stops is pretty solid. First, he’s recording the interaction and we all know that’s a must. Without video, exercising your rights can be very dangerous but also worthless since without it the event turns into a ‘your word against theirs [cops]’ and that’s never winnable.

Second, he answers questions with questions. This keeps him safe from being tricked into saying what the police may want him to say. It also puts the pressure on the officer to articulate clearly their intent, the law for such and why. Often times this could save you from being coming the target of a victimless or revenue generation crime.

Lastly the flyers are another solid touch because not only does it limit what you have to say to a police officer, it also throws them off their usual routine. Hopefully once you hand the new, CopBlock branded versions, to a police officer they’ll decide that a minor traffic stop is not worth the trouble and end your stop immediately (with no extortion or threatening). Even if they don’t you can set the stage by letting them know you’re recording, not answering questions, consenting to searches and more by just handing them a piece of paper.

I’ve added one to my car and when I get the chance to use it, I’ll be sure to post the video here. If someone out there beats us to it, remember to “Always film the police” and send the video into the website via the submission tab.


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