Update: 2 of 4 Officers In Oakland Underage Sex Scandal Leave Dept.

Two weeks ago we reported on a sex scandal in the Oakland Police Department involving several officers and the (then) underage daughter of a dispatcher.

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CBS News in San Francisco has reported that two of the four officers currently being investigated have left the OPD:

Two of four Oakland police officers placed on administrative leave following allegations of sex with a minor have left the department.

In an emailed statement, Oakland Police Public Information Officer Johnna Watson confirmed the officers has resigned and that the Internal Affairs Division would continue to investigate all of the misconduct allegations.

“The Oakland Police Department is committed to transparency. However, a complete investigative process requires confidentiality in order to maintain the integrity of the investigation,” said Watson. “For this reason, only those preliminary details that do not compromise the investigation can be released at this time.”

While it will be difficult for these officers to find a new teenage girl delighted to be passed around by cops, it will probably be far less difficult for them to resume their careers in other departments. Since their names are being protected they will most likely be behind a badge somewhere else long before public outrage has sufficiently cooled to quietly clear them of any charges in this incident.

Their commitment to transparency is second only to my own commitment to refusing to believe anything that hypocritical liars at the OPD say.

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